Nostalgique fille Atlantis part 3


The heart of atlantis

When I was little, and the City  was young, my father was a strange man, that ate the flesh of his enemies,I was often afraid of him, he slaughtered the obedient saints of the city, or turned them into slaves, he mocked them for being good people, and not participating in strange rituals. I often asked God to stand by the good people and rescue them.I was unmarried and  as I grew older I asked my father for a husband but he refused, he said I could only have husband after my mother’s death.The heart of Atlantis was where we all went to worship as children and women while the men went to have strange sex with the atlantean witches. The heart of Atlantis was where the prophets like,Plato Aristotle, Larcan, and Calderon went to pray and tell the stories of God, and how he loved us and wanted us to live faithful lives in the empire.We danced and sung and, played drums.


to be continued:

Je suis une femme ,et Atlante part 2



Lakira Mitchum

Soul harvesting

After, they destroyed one of the temples ,In the midays of my age, to hurt my spirits, and darkened my heart towards God. My father’s and his elders witnessed Me walk on the water of the dark temple of the Goddess.That’s when my soul was harvested for the first time.

At the end of times,several angels came to warn us, without warning or signs, many lights of many colors came to us , with a loud voice crying to us “stop your sinful ways or, you will drown in the waters of the angel Poseidon!”  many of my citizens and even my friends laughed and scoffed on the messenger angels, because their voices were so gentle to our ears, but around the third warning, many moons latter, the sky became red and a loud scream of horror came and there was light in the shape of an phoenix; after the great scream the loud voice was not so gentle and it yelled across the city, stop your evil ways or you will die an awful death. I was very scared and I ran to the temple and stayed their for about seven days, and during this time the great warriors of heaven were fighting the battles of wichita (the universe of demonic chaos) that’s when the Angel miguel came to visit me in my time of fear, he layed with me and kept me safe from the strange beast that attacked the villages near by. Miguel was very strong, and fought many wars in wichita he was often very tense and hasty, but often protected me and I did not understand why.Strangely I Didn’t know much angels but, I did later learn that Lucifer was his brother and they fought side by side.

In the ending days, I did not have many friends, and I was usually often times misguided and confused. When the great light finally came I had almost lost hope in God until, Gabriel came and told me the story of moses, and how he was in the mainlands saving descendants of Adam and Eve.This news made me happy and I almost forgot about my fear while the was in chaos.By this time dieing whales washed upon the shores of atlantis, and about an hour latter the sun fell black and the great wave was approaching and I was in panic, the next I knew I being pulled by a strange light into the sky and beyond the layers of earth and I was united with my king.

Je suis une femme ,et Atlante


Je suis une femme ,et Atlante

BY, Lakira Mitchum AKa Kida s.M

inspired by Disney’s Atlantis the lost empire

part 1


It has been many years since we have seen the sunlight of the earth,My heart has been broken by many men, I have seen 20 moons, I have had many children that were taken from me because of my father.I was growing tired of my immortality and was waiting;for the death angel to find me.I was waiting for the world to end, the day the mighty poseidon would take me to meet my king in the heavenly realms.I was full of sorrowful thoughts , my people were not prosperous, they had very little morals, and The great one always gave me hope in desperate times, God still loved me even though. I Lost many lovers because of my father’s evil ways.My mother was taken from us by the great spirit in the sky and from that happening.When I was little and my father forced me to be my father’s bride, and I became the queen of atlantis, and my mother’s throne.when I became queen it was not an wonderful, blissful feeling it was evil and sad one, my father was an incestuous bastard man.

My father did not care about the commandments. that had been given to us to  follow, he would say, “we do as we please!” and because of this evil fact the city was sunken to the bottom of the ocean; this leads to the prophecy of the bermuda triangle which is connected to the realm of chaos, wichita.

when I was little,My father told me stories of the heavenly world, he told me he was exiled because of  his rotten behavior in heaven ;he was cruel to angels and pegasuses and often skinned them alive and cut off their wings in front of God .My father hated God,and God hated him. My life in Atlantis as a child was very horrible and I often ran away to hunt animals with my friends.

They say that atlantis was the home of fallen angels that were not bad enough to burn in hell, and some of us were just meant to live on the islands   and the children were innocent and never knew the truth of their parent’s lives before the great fall. Atlantis is protected by an great barrier, an invisible wall, that kept others humans from finding our lands, and very few people knew and remembered Atlantis, plato was one of them, he remembered very few things of my homeland.He ran away because he took heed of the great prophecy of the ending of our lives, and went to the land of white men,, that they called Greece.I The prophecy written on the pillars of the atlantean temples spoke of a strange sayings that, “I the queen” would be one with my maker ,like my mother,”the seed would be one with her maker” is what it read; “and the sinners would be sunken in the seas or in other phases morphed and raped by monsters, and the great skies of atlantis would be shaped in a Triangle and there will be chaos”. These were the illustrations of the prophecy and ancient writings that were presented to the citizens of atlantis.

There were many battles fought in atlantis, and monsters would sneak in the city and hurt  my people, and we often would witness guardian angels fighting the beasts to protect us.

part 2