Relatives can be Relative to nothing

“All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair.”
Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. ”
Jim Butcher

by,Lakira Mitchum

We tend to ask for no favors anymore, a whipping by the kitchen counter was all it took to swindle the kinder gardener to do the dishes and sweep the floor.Your cousin is a thug and your uncle is in prison he’s good at asking for money and gambling is a promising career for him so far.Relatives are not always relevant, but some will always be hopeful and praying.Weakness is the moping benefit of family keeping faith, reunions and birthdays holidays and hustle days what’s the difference.We combat guilt we follow mercy, we speak with compassion but I find more family in strangers like most people do and all. Family can come in only a minute compared to what was their in my DNA for decades and decades.Even Jesus knew relatives are not always relevant to every moment to laughter and of cries. Family can become anyone or anything, home can be found anywhere or in anyone and for some a cigarette is the only family they may seek every day. Love is famous but she doesn’t always hand out autographs that just means you have to love yourself. Take  the garbage out, wash the dishes, they forget my birthday and leave for church retreats on the very day I was born, but family and blood ties and don’t always tie tight. Some say we only live once but I died when she said, she didn’t care anymore. Family has many meanings, family has many ties, my obedience and is what makes me relevant to her, so pay attention, to her family was fear, to them being black was undefined as long as I only had a black culture I knew, being a nigga, a nigger with no job was all I had all we called each-other a nigga with no friends no God no hope, but a screaming pastor that chocked on the biblical word of God. Relatives are relevant to the hopeless, and misunderstood, if they are blessed with the kindness of kin.Be no fool, trust only Homesick Orphans because relatives are not always relevant to compassion.


Sheer-Necromancy:Only Pixie Dust

He was only a another number in my phone, he said, he was magic he would change my life he said, he was the best thing that ever happened to me, but realistically he just wanted to control me.His eyes were taboo and his hands were strong, his and punches were not justice but, sheer necromancy. Look at his car , look at what he has to offer he seems to be my Eve and maybe I’m just a naive Adam.His drug was juts pixie dust and illusions he was just as counterfeit time,a fake lover, he was just a narcissists that talked about himself and his miniature penis  and irrelevant balls.His was a comic, a joke ,a funny cartoon in a news paper add.I was looking for love, for friendship for something worth having but he wasn’t it.Instead of being genuine he quoted scriptures, he had no opinions.He was spreading pixie dust, and shaming women for being different he was just what I needed to become who I am, a composer, a stubborn artist, a wild one, a misfit.A woman with shameless contentment from him.The corpses are on the ground and his gun is no longer loaded,The arsenal he once supplied is no longer in service. I am here no loner under his spells, his enchantment seems like foul game. My pursuit of happiness has just begun with out him and my soul hums its own mantras I’m at peace with myself.

Observing the human rights: The Universal Declaration Of human Rights

Observing the human rights:

The Universal Declaration Of human Rights

Article 4: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

“A man chooses, a slave obeys”-Andrew Ryan

“A man chooses, a slave obeys”-Andrew Ryan

By Lakira Mitchum

Slave:Is a person who is legal property of another and is forced to obey them.

Wait isn’t that how a contract works? Did’nt Beyonce sing about that in pretty hurts? She did.

Slavery at it’s finest:

Media , tabloids, sexy silicon barbie dolls , American idols and supermodels starving for the public, Hollywood is slavery;Amber Rose cries at night because, she was forced to have two abortions but, no one listened no one cared that she is a sex slave just like Nicki minaj. Media is our satan ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls human rights are being broken right in front of us. Kim Kardashian was forced to marry Kanye west’s clone, but not everyone knows about that? Do they? Sick men licking the faces of little Disney actors you ever wonder why Miley is almost brain dead? Well she is isn’t healthy or happy, I’m pretty sure swallowing glitter and spitting it out for 20 minutes straight was Miley’s idea.Let’s face it if you love media, you must love slavery it’s everywhere even Mcdonalds is guilty  of it, The world is obsessed with slavery the sick taste of human flesh. Sanity is scarce and charlie sheen buys it by the pound, oh yeah it’s hilarious until you end up selling your soul.I’m glad I never finished schooling in Barbizon they would have stolen my soul to.Souls are valuable and trust me Lucifer does not  have it, your producer does,your agent does,your boyfriend does, the guys in the tight pants and grey suits that only drink starbucks and they love shoving their man parts in people’s faces about how much money they have.They love to make slaves work, and they thrive on humiliation and bull *shit* Hollywood is the meaning Satan, it rinks of regrets and terrible club music, it’s the universe’s enemy they don’t know what a human life is worth so they force lies it upon society.They don’t see beauty in humble places and they hide the truth right in front of your noses.


Hollywood’s cannibals

December 17, 2015

By,Lakira Mitchum

In the scenes and broken records, they capture the hearts of many

with their lies and fake smiles, grinning with their heads spinning.

We follow them we admire them, we see them as heroes, some  are good and some are bad.We sing their songs remember their tragedies. Some die , some live to live to tell the tales of glory. Some were zombies from the beginning,but they will always live on forever with their names carved in stars.  Just when we begin to trust them, we discover the truth, we realized this was all a masquerade, they wore masks pretending to be our gladiators our heros, They often asked   “Are You NOT Entertained?” They bleed, they cry , they often eat each other alive ;it’s all for the show. “Do it for the crowd they whisper to themselves, it’s only show business” They take the pills, they swallow their pride and go out to fight another day in the coliseum we call hollywood.

Hollywood, a place of war , a yard of deception, a place of courage. It takes Balls to make it there. It’s hell on earth, but money is the only God they serve. They Win virgins , they sacrifice many, all for one cause. “FAME”.


Time repeats itself.


Spiritual sexuality and pregnancy Part 1

Spiritual Sexuality;

By,Lakira Mitchum


What is the definition of sex? Sex has many meanings and many positions we can not always understand what defines it in words at times. Sex is climax, it’s often misunderstood by the human flesh but, the spirit understands it completely. We all desire great sex but, what we really want is the opportunity to entwine ourselves in deep passion that our spirit can really cope with,Sex should never cause guilt, or condemnation if it is from the heart but, sadly we often find ourselves having sex in vain.We must value the spirit before we value the body,We must seek love making we should never be selfish if we desire true open pleasurable sex.Most people eventually begin to realize what they want from sex at a certain age, it sometimes takes.Never take sex for granted  along with sexuality comes our confidence our unique genetic code is granted to our partner’s body, and if we don’t value that in some way we may end feeling a little keeled over or broken.

We seek comfort from sex, sex is an deep comfort and we must value every feeling, every noise every,twist and turn it has to offer. Concerning Gender it’s seems strange but, the best sex is actually better when the male is pursuing pleasing the female, it builds the male’s ego when he knows he has done a good job, not every partner will be perfect for one another when you find the right one your heart will tell you.Sometimes it takes time but, it is actually best to never have sex with people you’re  not attracted to, it can cause you to question your sanity and self worth.Sex is different for everyone, but,it is so sacred it really is just our spirits speaking to one another, mixing molding, entwining it changes us and it hurts when you forget that moment.Sex is powerful if it’s abused it leads to ruin, it may leave temporary pain and it leaves scares on our soul.Love making comes natural if we respect the expression of the human spirit, its connected to the universe we can achieve the enlightenment God meant for us to have from sex.pleasure is a gift, it builds our personality we must respect it and treasure it.

The female womb is a gateway from heaven, and along with vagina the uterus and the entire anatomy of the female body is hypersensitive,but also strong.Stress can cause the female body to shut down and even cause miscarriages. sex during pregnancy is extremely helpful as long as  his spiritually is connected with her partner.




Motherhood:Heart Of The Goddess

Heart of the Goddess

By,Lakira Sharice

Mommy is a word that brightens the heart, Comfort is something that strengthens the soul .We all long for a mother, a nurturer, a shelter, she is the great lover of God.

We keep our secret place somewhere tucked beneath her breast, the Goddess is always holding us here. She remembers our name because it was written in stretch marks on her universal belly, even Solomon was aware of her and David never wanted to run away from her.

And although the mother is mysterious the entire universe knew who she was ,She was mama.


She held little Jesus before he could speak, she walked with moses when he was weak, she fed Ezekiel when he was hungry and breast fed lucifer before he was angry.She is the mother of Angels, the wife of God, the inspiration of mothers everywhere. She knew just what Jesus needed to hear before he went to the cross, she listened to the cries of Ruth and beckoned the heart of Ester. Women are far too wonderful to think there is no Goddess, Yahweh held her in his arms before he created Eve and told her there was more to this love story that meets the eye.She cuddles with Michael and kissed Gabriel and she laughs with Damascus. she teaches Women they were made in the image of the divine queen through whispers of the mother earth reminding them they are wonderful.

She counsels the motherless  and loves the innocent,We may not know everything about her but, from birth we can feel her. We behave like her we seek her.She hugs the crying child and gives them hope unlike no other.She kisses the widow , she protects the teenager understands the raped, the honor killed; she comforts women that are circumcised.She inspires self respect , integrity and feminine identity she lives in all women.She reminds them they were made for more; not slavery, not marriage, they were meant for greatness.The mother tells them they are not worthless, she speaks life, and pushes them to greater heights.

She reminds them to forgive men and women  that hurt them  and, love the father as he loved them.


The heart of the Goddess:Hope in humanity



The heart of the Goddess

By,Lakira Mitchum

By,Jesus Christ

The beauty of humanity:  Shame is seen in the eyes of broken children if they see their worth in talents.I have learned they should only see it  in their own hearts, the true parents see them for who they really are. We as a family are from the same  home of perfection we should encourage one another.Our voices, our breath,our heartbeat all flows across the universe into the ears of God and the Goddess we live stories our life is a song, a rhythm; we see hope in God’s eyes because he looked just like us 2000 years ago.We chant we want to be just like (Beyonce) or (Tyra banks) we desire to look like models it’s sad really as a girl I had to look like what they request me to look like.Since when did my worth rely on my looks I have learned my face can tell many lies without words, beauty is a curse it got me Raped I would know, Beauty can be torture if that’s all we as society care about.What does the Goddess see in us? Because in our current earthly state we are not perfect in such a evil world,beauty is seen in humble places, in the eyes of an innocent child or an elderly woman We are not defined by our corpse but, the lives that we have lived; our souls.

Have you ever thought you were  beautiful simply because you were just human, simply because, your relationship with God was so unique and the possibilities of having something genuine with the parents of the universe,something raw was created,I have been broken so much, so many times,Suicide was my friend all because he said ,”he loved me” but he lied, he never did all this time because, my parents never cared. I looked for love in all the wrong places I was called a whore as a virgin almost as if he believed I was created to be a whore.  

 You see all of these scars they make up our testimony.I am wonderful because  I am strong enough to recognize I am loved by the holy parents not only that but, I found hope to live,I found people that loved me even as an earthly foster child.My happiness for others and love , my desire for empathy and hope that there is something  greater than our past our fears our negative association. Humanity has something to talk about in heaven, we have stories to tell.The human soul is extremely valuable there is no price to be put on it with cash, when we cherish it and let it grow we can become stronger than we think.