The Morbid Butterfly

fictional narrative

Rough draft

Horror story

By ,Lakira Mitchum

The repeated beating from the fear I feel inside when I think of the scratches and bruises I have from the mysterious man in the dark, he squeezes me at night and leaves his blood on the floor. I’m afraid of him of course but, what should I tell my parents when I see them tonight for dinner, “Oh, God Help me!” He peeks, through the window while my body is seeping wet and each night is a new fight. The Necrotic thick breathing I hear coming from the dark corner of room makes my skin unravel with a slow suicidal thought in my mind, I pace my self to approach the man in my room.Sickening noxious catastrophic he banged on my door with heavy heaping.



Pulchritudinous part 5


By,Lakira Sharice Mitchum

Winter Berlin German 1727,

The streets of Berlin were crowed and Thomas and Lady Marshall have been traveling together for almost a year, They were headed to the port, “welp off to London again I assume, The old  King Charles has been beckoning me to cause a cahoots of mayhem. “you’re a bit too confident, Lady Marshall snapped, We have been everywhere and you promised to settle down and I can’t keep covering for you “They went aboard the large fleet headed to Great Britain. About 110 people were aboard and most were women and children, Thomas was good at entering countries without any papers he has been hacking ships and bobbing his way into shipyards for years and years, even as a prisoner of war he somehow managed to escape. He was pale, very pale especially during the winter time, he had the habit of fooling his neighbors into thinking he was a mad man often times; but lady Marshall even after all this time she was never fond of his rebellious attitude but she admired his heroic stature, he often  stared at how beautiful she was but he never made a moved to kiss her when she desired it, it was always when he was either drunk, smelly, or in the middle of acting out an atrocious scheme  that could possibly get them killed. The ship was at full speed and Thomas was so excited he could not stop talking to the lad that was shivering next to him, “you look like a sickly sight, why are you goin to London?” The boy looked like he was about twelve years old and he looked up a Thomas and replies well sir if you must know I’m going back home to see my parents they live in the Melrose Residence and they want me to be back home to run the family business” Thomas cracked a smile, “well I hope you well , you ugly mug”.

To be continued..


The snake that ended it all.. part 1

By, Lakira Sharice  Mitchum

December 18th 1725

The earth was quiet and her bones shivered  when  she took a step into the cold air, she felt the need to fear over what was to come as she began runway from Edward’s grasp. Emily was a  Broken woman with stolen dreams, a sad soul to behold.He only  desired her and her alone, he watched her cry by the hot fire often at night and, only wished her well with a sigh. She was pregnant and he was the new father of her widowed family. Her pale skin was still throbbing red from the lashes and whips she received on that Sunday morning for not wearing her mother’s dress to her husband’s funeral. He Was a cruel man, he was, he taught her that   fear works more frequently  than love, he taught her death more than life and now that her family was gone, so was her hope but, there was someone to admire besides Edward ,a man she loved, he only live a mile away. She was could almost taste his skin again she was making her way to him again only to feel desperate cold and alone. “Emily!” where are you!” he beckoned, in the starry night, he only heard the wilderness around his wooden home it seems he lost Emily and his mind. Edward was a man of power with a smile that could fool any man that tries him, and often did not enjoy seeing Emily happy, if it had nothing to do with him he needed a wife to fill the void of being a fatherless man, he had many lovers but, no wife. He felt as if Emily was his best fit she was widowed gullible and quite childish and pregnant What better choice than Emily. Emily wondered aimlessly only to find the cabin of a man named “Rose” “what are you doing in the cold?” he asked, Rose was a copper skinned man with a strong persona that could heal the heart of any human being if they trusted him enough, he seemed perfect and kind he instantly knew that Emily was a woman worth protecting, so he let her into his humble home. “Hello,  again Rose she said, “You remember my name?” he replied with a smile.  I need you more than ever Edward has beaten me again and I just want to be here with you again.” You are my peace and my survival” Emily cried, to Rose as if she had nothing left but him.

To be continued…

Marcher dans la boue

Walking through the mud

By ,Lakira mitchum

To love the Goddess;

Making a mess all over your T-shirt, spoiling the rest on dumb porn with nothing but, change in your pocket, you’er a mess huh son, you can’t even recognize yourself anymore.The wicked truth is your afraid to fail again so you’re walking through the mud.You’re making a killing at what you do, kissing girls and running rapid in the streets like a mad man.You’er hustling for something new, something small that needs diapers and only milk.So once again here you are standing in the rain waiting for mercy to save you.The anchor of this foundation you see was your mother, she saved you in some way, she taught you respect, and self awareness.You’re stronger than you think, your wiser than they say but, you need a standard.

The streets have nothing to say to you now.

Marcher dans la boue

You seek truth, It crawled  up and down your conscious for years to come.she was only 20 when you met her, and the sweat she left on your T-shirt is still’re a hopeful young man with excited  bright eyes but, what happened then, she left you speechless so to speak. So you loved her, and left it all behind to rot.

“Je vais embrasser la déesse qui m’a fait”

Say it loud… in the crisp cool air, come clean of your sins, you love a Goddess now, you love a mother now, the world hates that he’s honest with her. He is pure for her, as they grow old so does his fear. Alors il est courageux.

Syndicate Riots

The journal of Wilson banks

By,Lakira Mitchum

part 4

The interveiw

The bitter unforgiving moments we have in the time of war, it seems we are against all sides.

I can only smell the blood and cigar smoke coming from his office, early Tuesday morning he was wearing a dark green coat, he seemed lost almost as if he forgot he killed a man yesterday and his daughter didn’t have much mercy neither she wanted him dead poor Mr. Widicur it was a strange coincidence.  My boss was a cannibal a man whore, a bastard but in the strangest way.The day I met him it was Late Thursday Afternoon, The most intimidating job interview I have ever experienced sense my first job at Papa johns. “Well well, well  aren’t you a silent son of a bitch, why do I feel as if  I , I met a joker like you? Shy short, Jewish, hardworking, and sweet as fuck” ha,  “So what brings you to my company tiny man?” I swore to God I would slam my head against a table if I had to listen to him call me a bastard again. I was born and raised in Washington state never in my life have I ever hated a bigger city besides New York city it’s a faithless city and this bastard was my new boss.On that  Thursday  Afternoon I was  then   employed with a Billion Dollar corporation that somehow crashed the stock market. We all came from a dark place, the womb of a woman in pain; we the infant ;the tiny parasite, that relies on her every necessity and nourishment, that what this corporation has become to the public a starving over weight infant sweltering in its mother’s womb it almost feel like hell. I fell in love with the money the villainous feeling of falling into materialism and in some way I had a hint of self hatred.Besides my Job interview, my work life consisted of boring phone calls and requesting information from collage graduates  and  senior citizens about  health insurance for their banking information.”You see!” he explained to me while sitting on his desk,”  He stood up and  poured a  glass of whiskey for himself  and continued with a sly smile ,”this corporation is a pyramid scheme, he said, all we need to do is take, and take without say so, and all we need to do is ask once and never ask again.”My company is working for some dumb franchised nationwide college called (Premier University)   who cares, right?  he shrugged,college sucks anyway It’s a for profit school and  not only that  but we are also a “So called” health insurance company, as well as a life insurance and well sense you were dumb enough to come to this interview he said, with a smirk You’re stuck with me. I have all of your information ,I know where your wife lives; your kids, I even know the name of your dog’s vet.”I could tell he practiced this act for years.He’s a thief and a huge one, really I for some  reason really was only afraid of meeting him more than losing my money, or my crazy wife and bratty kids,which is sad but true I had no choice but  to accept this job as a telemarketer in New York city.

The Broken Bones of Alfred Widicur

Syndicate Riots part two

By Lakira Mitchum

The journal of Wilson Banks

The smell of rotten meat in the office is a terrible thing, its a putrid feeling.The rotten souls of this corporate empire has taken over the economy of New York city.I feel like A victim from a Batman Comic, and she was my only hope.Henrietta was once a lovely girl a fresh new face for corporate business, until she met him, the Caesar of the united bank of America, she once loved me, but she loves money and money does not love her back.She went from a office desk to a stripper pole in months simply because she applied for the wrong position( the secretary).Sexism in the workplace can be a scary and evil sensation  when you are on the wrong side of the stick. The monstrosity we call money strikes again and this time her uncle Mr. Widicur got the beating of the lifetime,it didn’t take long for him to die, but it did take for to get laid,He was an ugly man, short bald and cranky but he was some what lovable to friends, family and even his enemies.After three years of scamming the U.S Government and it’s citizens you would think he’d be pretty satisfied with 6.2 billion dollars under his belt, he decided instead to become a regular Constantine and steal the souls of his employees and well. at this point it’s about money its about,rape, power and crude cruel dictatorship.As for me I’m only a man that spectated the whole things.Blood all over his new suede shoes, his spine was in pieces on a Wednesday afternoon and his funeral was on a Friday, no one told the police how he died due to fear and doubt.These Syndicate Riots are exactly what is causing to want to believe there is a God somewhere that hold this terrible world together, we are all waiting for justice now.

part 2

Oh, dear Mr. Widicur not again…

in the mind of Mr.Widicur before his death.

“What the fuck is going on with me? I can ‘t stop  listening to the screaming that haunts me in the office, it seems all we do is bicker about money and hookers and drugs but, what the hell? Is it worth it ? is all of this slavery, is it worth fighting for all I wanted was money and I received was an STD and a subway ticket to Manhattan. “Fuck this! fuck my life! I’m a fucking terrorist to human life, I loved my precious daughter. my baby, my life, my all, in all of this I loved her. She was my pride and joy and she just got married to Joey, He’s going to kill me dam nit I can’t  do this  anymore I need to run away. “fuck me!”

Syndicate Riots

Syndicate Riots

part one

By, Lakira Mitchum

Story writing

Script writing draft

The journal  of Wilson Banks

To think wall street could not get any worse the population is getting impatient and scared of what they are capable of.He often wore a white shirt and a black tie,his native tongue was once french then Russian.White women date him because he has money, he’s that guy that killed the monster we all know as the Stock market.The hardest part of knowing him, is the fact that I never turned him in.I never bled for justice,I never wanted to see him loose for some reason instead I was the devil’s advocate, I faced his dark blazing soul less blue eyes and said, yes to his ordeals.I’m not saying I’m gay for the guy, but I’m saying I think I love his evil eyes, his thrashing smile, his gruesome grin and nasty attitude.He’s the shinning symbol of the selfish all American scam, the greatest con artist I every knew.All It took was a bunch of brainwashed imbeciles in their nice cars and wet shoes,painting blood on their door hedges waiting for the IRS to come get them. “It’s all just a load of bull shit, anyway” is what he thinks really. That pulchritudinous bastard would never bang his own wife even if she did treat him better,I have to say he’s a awful son of a bitch, and I’m just waiting for this whole thing to fall through.The church bells will wake him up at his own funeral,  even death would not help punish him for his sins.

The love of money is a dangerous thing, and so is the love of chaos.


The water works:The slave boy

by Lakira Mitchum

Short Story telling

A strange Baptism; a strange home going

This moment to is a strange one,this feeling is a blasphemous one, its sinking in his skin;the day mama took him to be baptized in the cold waters of the river bed.His eyes faded with a haze and glow that shimmered the very spine of the pastor holding his body. his overalls made him shiver and the pslams and moans of his fellow church goers made his heart blast a monumental dash of blood arching in his veins pulling him into some form of oblivion not many sinners have felt or seen.Mama can you hear em, father sun, Abba , Yaweh, God is  calling home. One dip was it took for him to have a stroke on baptism day he met his maker the day he introduced himself to heaven. His genesis became his end and he is now in heaven because old Pastor Welks decided to drown that little black boy on the day of his baptism.Oh happy day, he is home again,saved from homesickness. As his last breath was gasped under the water of rebirth the day gloomed and his mother felt, a kick in her soul, the boy was gone, her heart felt sorrow but a small hint of gladness. He was no longer a slave like her, but an angel like his father.

I’m home mama, thank God I’m home.



Heaven is right here,Maria.

Short story telling

By,Lakira Mitchum

Blood, all over her scrubs, here we go, oh God I don’t speak English, no habla englas shit she thinks to herself; death is right on his shoulder breathing sickening over his aching soul to about release itself into Hades.”The innocent does not always die young,” an angel whispers to him.It’s been a crazy night in the E.R,Everything has been in turmoil all evening,the nurses are all well experienced people with families and, good health but, low sanity.She was scared but, her patient wasn’t he was a veteran that never lost his virginity because he grew up in a cult, he was in his fifties and at this point and Jesus was a loyal companion.He was Jewish and she was Hispanic and at the moment she was his only friend they only knew each other for two hours.Peep, peep, here it is, in his last moments and the doctor was too drunk to even ask him his name, it was Theodore his eyes were a bleak  shy blue and  his hair was a strange silver-ish gray it glowed almost like a halo.”Nurse Maria just let him go, he’s just some son of a bitch from Alabama let him die we’ll call it at midnight.” the doctor mumbles to her clutching his clip board.He had no family left , no friends, no pets it was just him, and his neighbor who rushed him to the hospital, out of pity.”No, I cant just loose hope ,I can’t do this,I can’t let him die, this is a Godly man I can feel it she replied with a brash thick Cuban accent, with a small cry. She managed to cover his wound it seemed he was stabbed ‘   she began to give him stitches he was still breathing, he began to smile at Maria, you are so beautiful miss , I feel as if I am already in heaven,thank you for being so kind.That was the nicest thing anyone had ever said, to her she was raped by her step father, and never had a good family ties,Maria was only 25 years old.she only wanted to love that man back to life.Three hours latter Theodore was asleep peacefully in his bed.Maria sat in that room and watched him sleep her back was so sore she could just collapse from exhaustion in a chair Oh, thank Mary he’s alive,she thought to herself.A year latter she was in a coffee shop,Theodore was holding her hand she was married to him, they fell in love, that moment when she saved his life that was all it took  to save her own life as well.He was the greatest thing that happened  to her.

It’s funny how love works how only two hours in the hospital can make up for a thousand years of pain, and how one sentence can make up a thousand insults.Love captivates you in the smallest ways.


pulchritudinous part 3

by,Lakira Mitchum

October 28th 1727,

William arrived in London three days latter with his wife and horse, he left the children with his mistress “chubby  Maggie” she was a bartender that worked at his favorite pub he was drunk when he met her, but it was true, lust at its best tugging them together.They knew each other for about eight years and, they got along fairly well, back in Scotland she was great great with the children, and also the mother of three of them.William was well equipped with what to say to his sister and her annoying maid, oh yes he he was very prepared to be the moral support after all she was the money in the family. It was an awfully cold that day and the sun was barely out, surprisingly he was making a pretty good earnings that season because he became  an marijuana farmer.William pulled into Rachel’s estate  with an smile on his face;he had three days worth of shrinkage so he was just excited to be welcomed to a warm home. Meredith opened to door,”William! Oui Mrs. Rachel we have company here,” Its a good thing I already planned supper.Top of the morn-in to ya, Maredith! William waved; while getting off of his carriage,come on in she gestured to them.William was wearing his most nicest clothes he wasn’t that wealthy but he was always willing to look his best,Although he rinked of Marijuana and salt, but with no shame in his heart,he then gave Rachael a tight hug.Oh, it’s so gud to see ya baby sister, All Rachel could do was smile at him, with a small tear in her eye, Come on, now take off yer coats and have some tea.Meredith hurried them into the sitting area. Rachael’s home was monumental and cold with large stairways and book shelf’s full of her husbands studies;it was full elegant artifacts from her husbands travels; he was a business man that was not very fond of the unorthodox shenanigans of  his brother in law William.He forbid Rachael from seeing him plenty of times, this was very important to her.”So Rache,I see you hav, been doing gud for an sickly woman, how are ye?” Rachael staggered stuck in her thoughts, about her husband she was very slow to speak and a bit awkward, “Oh, damn,fine sorry I have been so discombobulated lately with John being gone and all. Martha was William’s his young wife she was only twenty seven years old and wore very little undergarments she was becoming ill, she seemed a bit off and Meredith treated her like a child every time she came to visit.Martha spoke very little words whenever she was around Rachel, she sometimes even avoided eye contact with her; no one really knew the meaning behind it though.William, glanced at his wife and noticed she was getting pale,with the dumb look on her face; he knew she was going to say something stupid. “well shit good ridence to yer I’m hope you git the bloody plague ya bitch”he thought to himself.Just when William was about to speak again to,Martha blurts out I’m pregnant by the reverend of our church, he’s a strange man with a dangerous reputation, “OH you dumb irrelevant child!” Meredith snapped, at Martha while serving tea Mrs.Banks is very ill and all you can say is wut wit in yer breaches.”Martha,I told ya hear, no mor of ya childish games, my poor ol sister is here sick in her big ol, house you dumb yanker!said,William”God is gonna snatch ya up and tear ya hide Meredith joked.

The room was quiet again almost too quiet,until William began to speak again, well sis is their anything to can du fo ye? Well my husband suggested to me I should give some of my wealth to you, and well I wrote a ,uhhh errr I wrote a to do list, with my will; you know, a list of goals,I wanted to achieve them as my death wish before my husband comes home Rachael explained while looking .As much fun as we had as children I wanted to well, travel with you to Ireland.

To be continued:













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Pulchritudinous: part 1

Vampire story:

part 1



Lying in my bedroom staring at the ceiling,waiting for him to return; and to think he was a gentleman I met on a train should I stay or should I go?He said, He loved me but he is strange, should I trust him. His Pulchritudinous smile, his lustful eyes and body, he seemed dangerous.



His touch was Eccentric and his eyes lit something inside of me up, like an old cigarette,I passed out in his arms as he held me, It was strange I have seen him many times in movies but

I never thought I’d love him like this.


To think it was one hundred years ago …


Blood dripped from her blouse,he gasp slowly and looked up to feel her pulse, she was completely unconscious, he didn’t care though. The year was 1727 and he had just met her at the world fair;Her name was Maria she was an italian maid that wore her corsets too tight,she was naive and stubborn because, her mama told her not to trust strangers.His Fiance was never home she was a traveling dancer named Lola.He was an unfamiliar man in a strange place.That was smoggy and the theater was ripe with visitors from all over, he spoke french but not that fluently he sat beneath the balcony and watched the opera from afar,he was timid and afraid of police catching him for the murder he had just committed, he was ready for a good fight, but  not prepared to die again, after that last burning at the stake in france he couldn’t take it anymore.

Death was not an option, although he couldn’t help the fact that he loved mistresses, and ladies from the streets and brothels.”Well, She’s a plump one” he mumbled, to himself only to see the dutch’s vein throbbing from a distance due to anger with her spouse sir. Charles william the second, he feel asleep during the opera and his slobber was dripping all over her dress.Thomas was aroused as well disgusted and amused.She was beautiful and wealthy but, frankly not worth his time.What he was really looking for was a sucker to kill so he could take his wealth and his wife.



Thomas was sitting two rows away from Lady Marshall of the Marshal household, she was a beautiful copper skinned cherokee from the ameri lands, she was married to Sir john
Marshall the explorer that Thomas was not very fond of actually, “haha If I kill em, no one will miss em,”He let out a sinister grin, he wasn’t well known in london and He sure as hell was about to be. The opera’s very own Monteverdi of italy’s orchestra was in the middle of constructing their last piece; Then suddenly out of nowhere an explosion of fire erupted near  the lobby hall  and the doors flew open with guards escorting guest out through emergency exits.



Thomas kept his eyes on sir Marshall as the crowd rushed out of the building,It a man got a hold of him and punched him, he was about to start a riot as the men and women raced for their lives Thomas was moving with the crowd only to see, his wife Lady  Marshall lost and confused it and then  two gentlemen took her by surprise. “OH shit I guess I have to save her don’t I?.”

Thomas dashed through the crowd as he managed to make his way outside it those two were taking Lady marshal hostage. Thomas pulled out his dagger and looked around to avoid attention from the police; and race to her rescue and slit their throats with ease.Taking her by the hand he said, follow me! But she replied, my husband I must find him! Well you don’t have time he’s still in the building. Come with me!


The Next Morning:

Lady Marshall woke up in her undergarments on her bed only to hear a strange man’s voice in her room,


To be Continnued


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Part two

A woman’s death wish

By,Lakira Mitchum




“Rachel? o, Racheal? dear, oh my, you look so dreadful I could hardly speak to you in that attire, poor thing it is simply terrible that you have to be so ill like this,” Meredith shook her out of slumber. Rachel begins to crack her eyes after resting for eight hours in her mother’s home, London was not the place she wanted to die especially in a state like this.Her father died in London, her mother died in London and by God,her baby sister died in London she was tired of the same old stories, simple tragedies and dumb tears cried over dreadful people that never cared for her in the first place.


Rachel was Diagnosed with the black plague only a week ago and she seemed pretty strong on her own without her maid Maredith hanging over her shoulder ,she was able to even saddle a horse all by herself. Rachel was stubborn pale and beautiful but, she was much more like her brother William, who never grew ill and always ate his porridge cold,and he was an ugly sight of a man, he was her best friend and Rachel wanted to spend her last days laughing with William.


So she sat in her bed and put on some new garments and begin to write a series of letters

1727 London,

Dear ,William

I miss you so much, I hope your winter isn’t too awful, I have an very sickly looking cat I managed to named him Daffodil but, I absolutely hate him, he urinates on mother’s favorite love seat every morning and he meows at every second he’s awake.My illness isn’t getting any better but my spirits are doing well I want you to visit me so we can spend my last days on this earth together.


Much love ,

Rachel Emily Banks



Tell your wife to stop sending me those awful curtains I hate them.


Three days latter…



William received his letter from Rachel


Oh God, I’ve received a letter from Rachel again she was a bloody nuisance.I noe in my heart she meant the world to me but, she always had something mean to say about my stupid wife

Although she was a combination of a witch and a bloody bampot; that was out to steal my God forsaken soul.These were the thoughts  William had while reading his letter from his sister. He was a naive and a troublemaker in his family; he had eight children and a really ugly horse he stole from a lad that was obsessed with vampires. “That bloak was fuckin weird” he thought to to himself as he glanced at the half shaven horse, God help him! Hideous thing it was shivering in the snow, seconds latter it keeled over. All was well with William and in some way he was optimistic to see her face again in all it’s pale glory.


William began to write a reply.

Dear Rachel,

I Miss you as well, I also have adopted a lovely pet but, he just keeled over about a bit ago He was the lovely dopper of the family, a real prince. Other than that I hope to see you soon I plan to leave to visit you morrow ,do  stay positive, you’re a strong girl you are! Stay chipper You! I will most likely, be in London by the evening with the Mrs.



Yours truly,

William Gee Banks



My wife worked really hard making those curtains, just keep em.

To be continued,