He was my weakness



By,Lakira Sharice Mitchum

Just one thought…

in all the beatings and insults, all the meaningless chores.

all the abuse, and all of the hatred.

Just one image, if he was my killer I would do my best to cry, He was my sanity and I lost it ,I was the fool that loved him more than the sensations that felt like a pill, he was my drug , my reasoning , I found the most beautiful thing in my once heard salvation.its the Lakira syndrome my sickness.  suicide it was him Christ.  If I lost him I would rather die worst than he did, cursing my self and he was who i only needed, he was my identity  I was relying  in him my love for him is more money or songs that would be my life.I’m ashamed to say  I was always less;never  her while I write and although little read my thoughts .In all of my secular ways he was my only light, my only king my only peace. life hit me where it hurts and he was my only thought in every song, and no one will know why I disappeared.with no love,with no one , no mind no hope my future only sees blood and with happiness,  he is my everything my all.he was never forgotten  I denied him,  Take me instead, no man will ever know  how I loved him. I lost my mind, He will never know. How sick I’ve become  with the deep passion I would gone for you… you have no idea how much i love you, more than I love myself He was my hero, because of who he is ,not because he died , I would rather die in his place, oh, Israel don’t you  see I’m in love with your king , son of David, son of Moses and Abraham i lost my sanity in my christian heart he is my issue, I saw more than a solvent or solution, I felt worthless, and my worth could not save this planet, and when i am trash I only sinned in their eyes.

He was my only reason, He was

who was my first love, no man knew me or my name.

He loved me first

He is

My homesickness

By,Lakira Mitchum

Love means creation.

love means time and space, light and darkness.

The universe was stirred in the blissfulness of  love God and his wife together . she and he is a lovely bind of creation.He loved me first, he held me first , and I have been so lost , looking for his heart he was with me while was whirling in my chaos. Oh how he loves me, why did I forget the embrace of God whispering in the wind chanting my name. They let of my hopes go but,he stood firm, he was my center and I was his bride and why did I forget the lovely heart of God. He reminded me who I was and he just said, “I was always his” and he saved me from myself. I’m afraid to who I am to heaven, but he told me anyway. They hated me, and shamed me , so here I am standing here and my heart is his tabernacle. He loves me, and how strange it is that I was defeated. He is my safety and I am alone without him. The Bible did not teach me God’s love he just spoke to my heart he is in my DNA. I know now in this time of desperation he is my lighthouse. With bloody  feet I wondered into his arms into the thunder and lighting, When nothing else matters but, the feeling of his breath on my shoulders I need to know I matter in this universe.

Loneliness and faith is only one segment of this journey through time.

The image of the Gods With Her

The meaning of Mary

By, Lakira Mitchum

The eyes of her children may sleep in the space between planets, but they are always looking in sight of the mother, As her eyes open she see’s herself from a different perspective, her blood sits near mercury and the dust of her bones created earth.

The womb is the home of all things pure, all things made whole. she believes in order and justice she speaks, to satisfies the hearts if the kings, she smiles in the rainbows of her robes that they create for her.Day and night is all at once where she lives, and they know she loves them, the fathers of her children.The heavens know a Goddess that protects the innocent and kissed the face of Christ while holding the universe in her hands.

Motherhood is joy and love means creation.


Dear ,Martin

Dear,Martin Luther King

We capture the strangest moments in our most saddest times we some how see the small glimpse of heaven in the darkest moments of the universe.We want to become connected to something new, something we knew about before we were born.Here we are waiting for this dream of yours, we are almost their.They say that home is where your heart is, but really you heart was always in heaven and here you are away from earth back home again. Its takes an dreamer and a God to make a dream come true, a legend  to be told.You are the man that reminded man that they should be homesick enough to love one another with no intention of  separating us from this God, this universal hold.We all collected the same dust the day we were created,we all cried for the same milk of mother earth, We all swim in the same oxygenated waters and sing the tune the moon sung the day Jesus was born.We all share the same dream Mr.Martin and If I could show you, I would have to open the eyes of all men so they may see heaven, and Earth stands in the big beautiful hands of the God and Goddess that managed to speak our names before time began.We were created by love and we were created to be loved.So be strong Martin look down with pride Love is just growing in this culture like wildfire.


Lakira Sharice 

“There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.”
Gautama Buddha


He that Loved A woman named Rain


By,Lakira Mitchum


He was standing in her graceful waves and he never knew someone so graceful ,so wonderful, so beautiful she was here with him for the first time.detached from the judgement of man and female, the world was a place they simply slept inside of, they were in their place, realm of hope and glee. He kept her in heart and listened to her sorrowful voice. Soaking her memories in his mind ,he was strong when she was weak, he was kind and she was angry, love made them one.


Rain, was a woman of strange necromancy  she was a gypsy soul, a woman that loved the sun and danced with the moon.They sung to the stars at night and never cursed the rain, they had many children and lived blameless lives of love and harmony.Rain, had an radiance about her, no creature man or planet could understand, or write in words she was the gentle spirit that carries him to a place of peace. Rain made the mother earth smile, she comforted the ashamed, the sad and lonely and lost.Rain is still alive and will live forever with in our lives,she was a child with a pure heart and a woman with a strong heart. Her eyes were shinning with a blissful lambency, a persistent reasoning desire for compassion.  Rain was made from a mother’s tears, her birth was a vexatious experience.

But she is a gift to the earth.


“Song of the day”Modern love

Love will never runout it brought us here;

so please be kind, love won’t deny you wrong.

the twinkle in every star will always describe, where we are in the universe.-Lakira Mitchum

We are all worth loving, and we are all looking for love,to those that remember being human is precious.

Grains of sand:Island of Love

Story of the Gods

short story

By, Lakira Mitchum

Harmony:Grains Of Sand:

Once upon a time in another Galaxy on a planet far far away their was a God that loved a woman so much he went to see her planet every day, so he decided to give her a gift.so every day he decided gave her a grain of sand, when she received the first grain it was nothing than a tiny rock, she thanked him and placed it in the earth’s mighty waters, he gave her tiny stones that were many colors and he kept collecting them until they became a pile eventually those grains of sand became an island, and that island was made with love, each grain of sand represented his love for the woman and she loved him back.Eventually the woman went to meet that God and they made love, and they became a couple and decided that island was going to be a beautiful living  child. Eons latter that that island became Haw iii and they decided the people that would inhabited this island would be lovely, yet strong, adventurous and free.To this day you can hear the lovely poems they shared between one another in the breeze and waves, that can captivate the greatest of hearts.

Heaven is right here,Maria.

Short story telling

By,Lakira Mitchum

Blood, all over her scrubs, here we go, oh God I don’t speak English, no habla englas shit she thinks to herself; death is right on his shoulder breathing sickening over his aching soul to about release itself into Hades.”The innocent does not always die young,” an angel whispers to him.It’s been a crazy night in the E.R,Everything has been in turmoil all evening,the nurses are all well experienced people with families and, good health but, low sanity.She was scared but, her patient wasn’t he was a veteran that never lost his virginity because he grew up in a cult, he was in his fifties and at this point and Jesus was a loyal companion.He was Jewish and she was Hispanic and at the moment she was his only friend they only knew each other for two hours.Peep, peep, here it is, in his last moments and the doctor was too drunk to even ask him his name, it was Theodore his eyes were a bleak  shy blue and  his hair was a strange silver-ish gray it glowed almost like a halo.”Nurse Maria just let him go, he’s just some son of a bitch from Alabama let him die we’ll call it at midnight.” the doctor mumbles to her clutching his clip board.He had no family left , no friends, no pets it was just him, and his neighbor who rushed him to the hospital, out of pity.”No, I cant just loose hope ,I can’t do this,I can’t let him die, this is a Godly man I can feel it she replied with a brash thick Cuban accent, with a small cry. She managed to cover his wound it seemed he was stabbed ‘   she began to give him stitches he was still breathing, he began to smile at Maria, you are so beautiful miss , I feel as if I am already in heaven,thank you for being so kind.That was the nicest thing anyone had ever said, to her she was raped by her step father, and never had a good family ties,Maria was only 25 years old.she only wanted to love that man back to life.Three hours latter Theodore was asleep peacefully in his bed.Maria sat in that room and watched him sleep her back was so sore she could just collapse from exhaustion in a chair Oh, thank Mary he’s alive,she thought to herself.A year latter she was in a coffee shop,Theodore was holding her hand she was married to him, they fell in love, that moment when she saved his life that was all it took  to save her own life as well.He was the greatest thing that happened  to her.

It’s funny how love works how only two hours in the hospital can make up for a thousand years of pain, and how one sentence can make up a thousand insults.Love captivates you in the smallest ways.

The eyes of God part 2 oh,Gerald

Love for strangers

By,Lakira Mitchum

He was never someone I admire from his music or fame, it’s a weird fascination I Understand we all seek friendship and we all seek God or a Goddess, we all desire for some soul to look at us, and somehow know exactly what we need.I can tell he ‘s a lover of the light,I can tell he forgot what family meant in some way.He’s been broken, and  only hope can fix him.The pleasures he finds now are only temporary, when will he just be free to be himself? I watch him with God’s and the Goddess’s eyes; she watches him with eve’s eyes, he was made to be loved not marveled,kissed not spent up, worn out done with and done for.They don’t recognize a suicidal man because he wore a mask in all of his videos. He is love, we are loved, he just needs to be enlightened.Every breath he takes is a blessing to someone more than his mother, it’s a wonder to me for some reason. You are loved. He is loved