The image of the Gods With Her

The meaning of Mary

By, Lakira Mitchum

The eyes of her children may sleep in the space between planets, but they are always looking in sight of the mother, As her eyes open she see’s herself from a different perspective, her blood sits near mercury and the dust of her bones created earth.

The womb is the home of all things pure, all things made whole. she believes in order and justice she speaks, to satisfies the hearts if the kings, she smiles in the rainbows of her robes that they create for her.Day and night is all at once where she lives, and they know she loves them, the fathers of her children.The heavens know a Goddess that protects the innocent and kissed the face of Christ while holding the universe in her hands.

Motherhood is joy and love means creation.


Welcome New year of Earth

The meaning of Mary series!

By, Lakira Mitchum

The paintings of the tabs between time and space; the image of her last tears are peeling away and here she is in a new realm of time, for so long it took a year for her to learn that love is infinite and Cowards will never know he meaning of it but, she does.Love means creation, We can’t say the center of the universe is mysterious, we see the reason for existence is the ties and kisses between the Gods and the bride of the universe calling her mother earth.

Mary has a new meaning

The sound and light , the colors or her worship and movement has created a new beginning for this solar system and she will be known as the mother of all stars and kin.We lie in the blankets of galaxies seeking the kings and queens to adopt us, but we already have a home, here we are on a planet of life in her womb with so much freedom to know what love really means, how wonderful it is to be free, to be created and be liberated under the sun.

Happy new year La-boa!

Marcher dans la boue

Walking through the mud

By ,Lakira mitchum

To love the Goddess;

Making a mess all over your T-shirt, spoiling the rest on dumb porn with nothing but, change in your pocket, you’er a mess huh son, you can’t even recognize yourself anymore.The wicked truth is your afraid to fail again so you’re walking through the mud.You’re making a killing at what you do, kissing girls and running rapid in the streets like a mad man.You’er hustling for something new, something small that needs diapers and only milk.So once again here you are standing in the rain waiting for mercy to save you.The anchor of this foundation you see was your mother, she saved you in some way, she taught you respect, and self awareness.You’re stronger than you think, your wiser than they say but, you need a standard.

The streets have nothing to say to you now.

Marcher dans la boue

You seek truth, It crawled  up and down your conscious for years to come.she was only 20 when you met her, and the sweat she left on your T-shirt is still’re a hopeful young man with excited  bright eyes but, what happened then, she left you speechless so to speak. So you loved her, and left it all behind to rot.

“Je vais embrasser la déesse qui m’a fait”

Say it loud… in the crisp cool air, come clean of your sins, you love a Goddess now, you love a mother now, the world hates that he’s honest with her. He is pure for her, as they grow old so does his fear. Alors il est courageux.

l’amour de soi

By,Lakira Mitchum

My self esteem project, The internet has the power to do many things but, I must most of all help myself, by being brave. I want to love myself, and something that struck me for so long was my lack of happiness.I try so hard with many things I have even realized its best to love others but for, now with my hands typing away I must break away my foolish thoughts and learn to love myself, and I guess I want to believe I am a good person.I distract myself from seeing this, no God thus far has told me I am good simply because I really don’t feel blessed,I changed my religion and found something new.

I am not just a meaningless woman.

Hello Sahaim,

Hello mother Gaia yes their is a Goddess who loves me, and I am not a Daughter of Eve , but,a child of mother Earth.


Growing into woman hood

J’ suis la femme

Part 1

“Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

By Lakira Mitchum

What does it mean to be a woman?

To have a womb,and be a man? To have breast and a vagina? being a woman is more than just my genital identity its chemistry. A spiritual destiny some how choose me to be a well…a girl.What did my parents think when I came out my mother womb? “Oh wow their she is our baby girl screaming, “hello world I’m here to stay”  I wonder to myself everyday, in this male dominant world full of stereotypes and mass judgement what does my woman hood mean to me.So far being a woman has made me feel vulnerable yet, brave. It’s so fascinating to see our opinions be judged by the opposite sex  in such a way that it can  easily seem problematic dumb or unnecessary but, on the other hand, their is  a wonderful feeling to being a girl, I don’t  believe I’m a woman yet and I’m 22, I have so many things about me I’m not proud of.What makes me a woman is apart of growing up, its something the world cannot give me or take away from me.The brightest feeling of being a girl is for some reason being underestimated,and proving others wrong which is sad.I keep thinking sense I’ve been alive my gender has been judged as useless based on my beauty for quite some time.I’m not sad in my gender ;I’m just what you,  call uhh learning, about my mind, body and spirit and so far this believe that I have is that their a Goddess has helped me develop this idea that women were meant to create and nature this universe of chaos and order. No one can imitate this fact that womanhood is in my mind my ability to think, love and be different from mankind, and accepting that can be hard sometimes but totally worth it when we reach this point of self discovery.

Maybe I’m just perfect the way I am.

“A woman’s happiness is in throwing everything away to live for love.”
Ai Yazawa, Paradise Kiss, Vol. 5

“If you are embarrassed about your sex, it must mean that you feel there is something demeaning or disgusting about being female. You are all wondrously made, girls. Remember that: wondrously made, and you should carry your sex proudly, a badge of honor.”

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, All But Alice


He that Loved A woman named Rain


By,Lakira Mitchum


He was standing in her graceful waves and he never knew someone so graceful ,so wonderful, so beautiful she was here with him for the first time.detached from the judgement of man and female, the world was a place they simply slept inside of, they were in their place, realm of hope and glee. He kept her in heart and listened to her sorrowful voice. Soaking her memories in his mind ,he was strong when she was weak, he was kind and she was angry, love made them one.


Rain, was a woman of strange necromancy  she was a gypsy soul, a woman that loved the sun and danced with the moon.They sung to the stars at night and never cursed the rain, they had many children and lived blameless lives of love and harmony.Rain, had an radiance about her, no creature man or planet could understand, or write in words she was the gentle spirit that carries him to a place of peace. Rain made the mother earth smile, she comforted the ashamed, the sad and lonely and lost.Rain is still alive and will live forever with in our lives,she was a child with a pure heart and a woman with a strong heart. Her eyes were shinning with a blissful lambency, a persistent reasoning desire for compassion.  Rain was made from a mother’s tears, her birth was a vexatious experience.

But she is a gift to the earth.


“Song of the day”Modern love

Love will never runout it brought us here;

so please be kind, love won’t deny you wrong.

the twinkle in every star will always describe, where we are in the universe.-Lakira Mitchum

We are all worth loving, and we are all looking for love,to those that remember being human is precious.

Grains of sand:Island of Love

Story of the Gods

short story

By, Lakira Mitchum

Harmony:Grains Of Sand:

Once upon a time in another Galaxy on a planet far far away their was a God that loved a woman so much he went to see her planet every day, so he decided to give her a every day he decided gave her a grain of sand, when she received the first grain it was nothing than a tiny rock, she thanked him and placed it in the earth’s mighty waters, he gave her tiny stones that were many colors and he kept collecting them until they became a pile eventually those grains of sand became an island, and that island was made with love, each grain of sand represented his love for the woman and she loved him back.Eventually the woman went to meet that God and they made love, and they became a couple and decided that island was going to be a beautiful living  child. Eons latter that that island became Haw iii and they decided the people that would inhabited this island would be lovely, yet strong, adventurous and free.To this day you can hear the lovely poems they shared between one another in the breeze and waves, that can captivate the greatest of hearts.