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I have Been skipping out on my WordPress lately but I’m here to do it all over again Happy Halloween everyone! keep it Going so far med school is going pretty well I have a 3.0 Gpa right now! and I’m hoping to bring that up somehow over all I am excited to continue my life as myself.

Thank you, all for your support and celebrating my life and my love  for writing. I’ll post a new article soon!keep loving yourself! Never give up on your goals.6447d92c3e44558efbba126499d2a59a

-Lakira sharice Mitchum


Quote of the week:

“Without ethics, man has no future. This is to say, mankind without them cannot be itself. Ethics determine choices and actions and suggest difficult priorities.”

John Berger

Stagnant thoughts;Hello November

I always hated November

By, Lakira MItchum

A time of Stupidity and Loneliness

Wrapping my hands  around my worried thoughts of my female ego, sinking into some form of dysphoria, I’m choking in my thoughts, my once christian desire to hold on to a fictional level of faith.My life, seems disgraceful in my eyes,I feel so trapped lacking in a motivational source of hope, but I made my choice.I seem uncivilized in my decision making ,I hate being the ill-fated  damsel the unlucky protagonists of my own life.With all of these thoughts locked up in a bloody cage of rage like a monster waiting to devour my very being I wait, here only hearing the voice of God. (Faith) and promises, Faith ,Foi. You know that feeling you have when you know no one cares, that’s the American spirit but, what  it’s just a matter of time until something gets better for you or me.I always hated November sense the last time my parents forgot about my birthday, sense the last year I was hated by a christian peer. Sahaim is here; they say, is the time to celebrate the fall  season and the Gods the will come together and bless the universe to go on  into the new season of Yule.Which reminds me  of how terrifying and tedious time is, it  is so funny that  we try to believe time has a tempo one minute its slow and another year latter its  going by too fast we can not truly measure or predict time. I hold my mistakes like a, abortion patient holding their unborn child, With this awkward sickening feeling I might fall off the wagon and forget about my dreams, but something will give me hope, like a mother that kisses an unexpected babe, I may find a reason to love November After all, with the push and pull of my emotions leaving me leaking feeble words in a word press like a babbling fool, I feel eager to know what the next year has to bring.


Hip-hop Cavalier (G-Eazy) Influence

Musical journey

How generations are influenced by music


“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

Lakira Mitchum

In hopes of reaching a new part of myself I have been listening and paying a little more attention to hip hop, not that it always matters.Is it common for fans to be intimidated by the idea that musicians have so much power over our culture, or stereotypes?My reasoning  I try new music fairly often I have gone from Mozart to Beethoven, to Justin Timberlake and Louis Armstrong as an ,African American I have foreseen so much judgement and I have to say I dislike actually being told what genre of music is expected of me to enjoy and be inspired by.I believe every generation has its own form of genius, or art we have all seen this based on our perspective of opinion, ideas and philosophy. I have no desire to in no way demoralize myself but really learn to understand what my generation calls hip- hop.Maybe I seem judgmental or maybe too orthodox but what I really want to know what makes my youth seem so crude, so care free ,and so sensual.I enjoy learning about different time periods in the performing arts but what I learned from music is that every major musician in its prime seems to be a Rebel it their day,for their very own unique paw print they left in the snow we call society.14203222_10154505661217188_4450820275228522147_n.jpgFor Example I guess I can say I’m a fan of G-Eazy but, really from observing time over and over again I think he is almost no different from any other major musician like Ray Charles or Micheal Jackson  that is influencing our cultivated lives.This time period I think I would called the (Yolo period) you.only .live. once. ,Its not exactly what we call the renaissance age, but right now in this generation we seem to be obsessed with the rebirth of the 1950’s and the 1970’s as well as marijuana; doing what the hell we think is glamours, cool , which is something to envy. I think even music has affect the way people treat their friends and family members it has both a positive and negative effect on all of our conscious choices.images-15

To be honest My interest in Gerald’s music maybe really his good looks but, I have a dumb infatuation with him. With all of my attractions I have to form a reasoning to say maybe Gerald has taught me to love someone for who they are simply because they are different from me, music can make us empathetic,primitive,spontaneous and maybe a  bit foolish  and of course I have never met him duh, I don’t plan on it but, with every thought of him I have many other opinions.My fascination with him has a lot to do with him being this lyrical Casanova  but I want to see him as more than that and hopefully others will see as well. Music is power, its a form of Emotional dexterity  built in sound and movement, I almost wonder if  every musician knew how much power they had over the world even the death can feel the rhythm that makes the world go around.

Really I just love music

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
Victor Hugo