why I want to be a Midwife:

“I want to witness the gates of heaven opening,welcoming new life to this `elan vital.I want to hold the hands of the screaming mothers, and witness the lovely nativities of this world.”-Lakira Mitchum







Beautiful and powerful Midwifery and birthing photography :

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”

Barbara Kingsolver, Homeland and Other Stories

“Having a baby is painful in order to show how serious a thing life is.”

Lisa See, Shanghai Girls

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms



By,Lakira Mitchum

Mother hood love of the Goddess: childbirth

I do not have children, I’m not married I don’t even have a boyfriend, and yet I have already have had one miscarriage under the age of 23 and honestly it’s crazy and all; I decided I want to be a midwife ,simply because I love mothers, I love the Goddess and womanhood and what it represents.I’d urinate on those who hate it , as unladylike like as it sounds, I mostly found passion to understand how important it is  bring life in this world from the gates of heaven into this physical realm. midwifes are warriors of women that are blessed to continue this universe, child birth is not a chosen destiny anymore it’s a gift to be so strong to face such a thing, and I admire those who go through it.I want to see and feel the sensation of knowing I helped someone exist, I was there to see that first, cry,laugh  and yawn.It takes strength to be an midwife it takes bravery to in the gap of fear and death of failure or collapse,I want to witness the victory of childbirth.I want provide peace during  chaos and be the love in time pain of suffering.I want to have the opportunity to remind mothers how sacred and beautiful their bodies are.I have no desire to be the famous doctor, or the much respected nurse but, a lover of the barrier of what is valuable and that is humanity.

“Midwifery quotes of the day”

“When a woman births, not only is a baby being born but so is a mother.
How we treat her will affect how she feels about herself as a mother
and as a parent.
Be gentle. Be kind. Listen.”
Ruth Ehrhardt, The Basic Needs of a Woman in Labour


“The midwife considers the miracle of childbirth as normal, and leaves it alone unless there’s trouble. The obstetrician normally sees childbirth as trouble; if he leaves it alone, it’s a miracle.”
Sheila Stubbs

Midwifery Quotes of the day

Motherhood:Heart Of The Goddess

“Remember this, for it is as true and true gets: Your body is not a lemon. You are not a machine. The Creator is not a careless mechanic. Human female bodies have the same potential to give birth well as aardvarks, lions, rhinoceri, elephants, moose, and water buffalo. Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.”
Ina May Gaskin, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

“If women lose the right to say where and how they birth their children, then they will have lost something that’s as dear to life as breathing.”
Ami McKay, The Birth House

Spiritual sexuality and pregnancy Part 1

Spiritual Sexuality;

By,Lakira Mitchum


What is the definition of sex? Sex has many meanings and many positions we can not always understand what defines it in words at times. Sex is climax, it’s often misunderstood by the human flesh but, the spirit understands it completely. We all desire great sex but, what we really want is the opportunity to entwine ourselves in deep passion that our spirit can really cope with,Sex should never cause guilt, or condemnation if it is from the heart but, sadly we often find ourselves having sex in vain.We must value the spirit before we value the body,We must seek love making we should never be selfish if we desire true open pleasurable sex.Most people eventually begin to realize what they want from sex at a certain age, it sometimes takes.Never take sex for granted  along with sexuality comes our confidence our unique genetic code is granted to our partner’s body, and if we don’t value that in some way we may end feeling a little keeled over or broken.

We seek comfort from sex, sex is an deep comfort and we must value every feeling, every noise every,twist and turn it has to offer. Concerning Gender it’s seems strange but, the best sex is actually better when the male is pursuing pleasing the female, it builds the male’s ego when he knows he has done a good job, not every partner will be perfect for one another when you find the right one your heart will tell you.Sometimes it takes time but, it is actually best to never have sex with people you’re  not attracted to, it can cause you to question your sanity and self worth.Sex is different for everyone, but,it is so sacred it really is just our spirits speaking to one another, mixing molding, entwining it changes us and it hurts when you forget that moment.Sex is powerful if it’s abused it leads to ruin, it may leave temporary pain and it leaves scares on our soul.Love making comes natural if we respect the expression of the human spirit, its connected to the universe we can achieve the enlightenment God meant for us to have from sex.pleasure is a gift, it builds our personality we must respect it and treasure it.

The female womb is a gateway from heaven, and along with vagina the uterus and the entire anatomy of the female body is hypersensitive,but also strong.Stress can cause the female body to shut down and even cause miscarriages. sex during pregnancy is extremely helpful as long as  his spiritually is connected with her partner.




Mother Luna and Father Sun part 1

Moon phases:

what does the moon say?  

Moon phases:
what does the moon say?


Each phase of the moon has different meanings, each meaning has a different story, each phase represent something unique in the universe.The moon shows life forms(organisms) on earth, how to develope their own crops and, help animals and the ecosystem as well the environment, follow the spiritual duties of life itself.

The moon is not specific about one’s life and how it going to be, the moon only predicts ultimate possibilities.

  • Full moon:solstice’s way of telling for a new ending and brings hope for of a new season
  • New moon:New beginnings, complete new cycle
  • Red moon: old ending/ fear and death
  • Yellow:Means new fascinations new life,new discoveries/new understandings

The Angels view of the moon, is actually seen differently than how humans  view the moon.Angel’s see the moon as a clock and each shadow tells them what universal time it is, the planet of the  living;in this solar system was mars but,Earth is more substantial.Each planet, represents a dead or fallen God and,they all revolve around the Sun and the sun represents God,  Venus does not represent aphrodite, mars does and Venus is actually the God of war. Mother Luna, the moon of the living earth, is an mirror and the light of reflects through her, but she is also mysterious in her nature.


Next post will be about planets: and their spiritual representation: