Bridal Markets

This was something am I interested in learning about , I think Marriage is more or like an emotional connection in some all honestly I would be afraid to step in these women’s shoes, I just going to post different videos that I think are important to me.  -Lakira sharice Mitchum

Be My Heaven Series part 1



This series is about my love for Tom Hiddleson

in hope that he will notice.

Deepest eyes that can swallow a girl’s soul he can become my sanctuary , oh look at what he’s done to me, Jesus gave him those eyes, he makes fear seem less dangerous with hard hands to hold and a promise to take care of the homeless and meek. Please tell me I’m not dreaming again… Thomas tell me again and become my heaven, my calming sea my deepest sweetest dream Be my all. Only a crush only a strange desire let me in so that I may bite the fruit upon his lips.Be my heaven please take my fear of falling away, so that I will fly only into your arms and agree with cherubs that your are purely mine before God and priest below. With a voice that ruins all ideas of selfish guilt he is so sweet.

So please take me; to where you are where ever you are is my heaven my future home.

-To my dearest lover…


by,Lakira Mitchum


Monday morning senses

I woke up feeling the early busy buzz today and, I had this idea  in my head that I have a pretty simple life. America gives me so much freedom what do I have to worry about well…. college, college possible dating with positive expectations and worries about what people may think of me, and once again announcing myself as an medical student only to reach one goal midwifery and or just nursing but either way its goes I assume this college semester will my very inspiration for writing.

Beautifulchaos 151 has been my journey of self discovery and during my time away from college I wrote more than 100 articles and now that I’m returning I found hope in knowing I’m fully capable of founding my dreams if I meditate on what I’m already good at.

As the warm Floridian sun paints my skin and I feel this sudden flow of optimism and happiness today is a day I complaining  about what I don’t have and learn to appreciate what I do have and that is a second chance, at life at love ,and security and peace of mind.

I want to that all of my readers thus far.

Happy reading!

The wonderful world of Disney part 2

By Lakira Mitchum

The wonderful world of Disney part 2

The art of being a misfit

Disney became a king  not seeing  he was becoming the king of misfits, isn’t it funny how we tend to forget we are human and in the eyes of God we are just babes wanting their mother’s milk again. We seem to  lack understanding what he has been trying to teach us all this time ,I have not once let the humility of Disney dawn upon me  as child, I only saw fantasy and fun but,I do now see that mickey is a mouse because he’s a the Jewish king of the happiest kingdom in the world. Sadly, the world still finds a reason to hate Jews while supporting a symbol like mickey the mouse. We don’t see that the borderlines don’t make sense, the racism for blacks  still exist, but they still hip hop listen at white clubs and parties. maus

So I’m trying to understand what racism is still, in this generation Why is it so hard to see, this tiny glimpse of negativity that still itches my ass in the middle of the night. Why don’t we see the dismembered misunderstanding the things society is still ignoring, you still admit you don’t care about other humans but yourself. “you’re black get over it!” what the hell does that mean? how are we still friends? words echo through my mind that I can’t comprehend what is wrong with me, little brown eyes nappy haired me? So I look at big titles like Disney, they accept him, I look at other races that try to build a self esteem in the community. So here I am becoming the queen of Misfits, the lover of losers the singer of doubtful dreams and idolized Gods. Who am I to admire Disney? a white man’s idol, a little white girls prince charming? I did question why all the princesses were white, and I did prefer the black Barbie more than the white one. I didn’t always think about how my name “Lakira” leaves a sour taste in the employers mouths, or teachers mouths, or anyone’s mouths I just saw myself as a human. I noticed the Supremes, the precious white judges, the pretty white girl that tells me to get over racism because its not really there but, it is. I left my white friends not because I hate them but because in their eyes in, they avoid the confrontation and decide to be the condescending fake, friends that they are not all white people are like this but, I realized the truth is, I accidently made some people realize they hate niggers no exceptions. maus 3.jpg

So what am I supposed to do about this? How am I suppose to feel? I should just know discrimination is implied so much in this country that it seems almost unconventional to even exist knowing no wants to hire my ghetto looking ass . I can’t control others thoughts about my race , my name , or racism against Asians, Indians, Jewish people, native Americans, etc. to be honest manifest destiny still goes on to this day but, they call them missionaries. But, other than that, let’s go  about my explanation  with my why and how I became A fan of Disney, when I found about the book Maus  and what the mouse symbolizes, that’s what made me tick. Mickey mouse actually represents what the Egyptians illustrated as the image of the God of the Hebrews in ancient times. The meek and humble squeaky creature represents the normal working Jewish man, Walt Disney is  and was that symbol the symbol that made the world ignore Jewish pride, the totally disregard how powerful a misfit like Mickey can become, Disney is hope. We see now he is excepted, but their was a time during ww2 Walter was patronized and I do remember this, and I wonder sometimes if he died happy. He was an humanitarian that occasionally guilty of discrimination I admit but, let’s look at it’s a small world.

To be continued


“Quotes of the day “

“A girl got kicked out of the swimming hole today. Inge Hachmann. They said they wouldn’t let us swim with a half-breed. Unsanitary. A half-breed, Werner. Aren’t we half-breeds too? Aren’t we half our mother, half our father?”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See


“Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people”
Heinrich Heine


“Then I looked out onto the horizon myself and realized that loss is the same wherever you go: overwhelming, inexorable, deafening. How resilient human beings are that we can learn slowly to carry on when we are left all alone, left to fill the void as best we can. Or disappear into it.”
Jennifer Ryan, The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir   

“‎I was cursed with the pessimism of both the Russians and the Jews two of the gloomiest tribes in the world. Still if there wasn’t greatness in me maybe I had the talent to recognize it in others even in the most irritating others.”
David Benioff, City of Thieves   

Oh l’humanité

By ,Lakira Mitchum

The desire to feel lust between my toes and the irresistible want. I wanted God to love me, I wanted the universe to care about my thoughts. Oh, the frustrating wrath of God is upon me the unpredictable screeching terror of man’s punishment from goodness. We seek contentment, we seek peace and innocence but, where is the standard. Is it possible to be hated by God from birth. God was once my paradise my humanity, what does it mean to have humanity , what does it mean to reach this level of salvation. why was I so Good, why was I so obedient.

what happens when you think you disgust God?

A slow decline in religious favoritism, the moment you realize the Christian world hates you is a disaster. When they think their God is Love but,they forgot about innocence but they predict sin.

I found God , and God lost me again.

what does it mean to be human

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

What does it mean to be human?

By, Lakira Mitchum

With a tiny ounce of hope I asked, myself if I fail so many times does that make me a person, if a  woman  bleeds after rape is said and done, does that blood remind her offender she is human? Why  do   humans hate humans and why do we seem to hate being human, Why do they say we are born into sin, while babes are innocent in the eyes of others? My first step was not disgrace in my mother’s eyes back then, but why is it that my first steps in college are so shameful to see, so anxious so tedious. Why is humanity so stuck in the constant reminder of being a cursed humans? “Oh the humanity?!”In my mind, I have this occasional gospel this, sensational fundamental way of thinking that, I will feel human when I begin to feel free to smile, free to speak, free to love, free to move and free to understand myself and others. I am human because I know my blood is inestimable valuable, precious when it flows through my veins. When my DNA is seen as dangerous to others, and sensual to my peers that’s when I know I’m human. My humanity, means I was chosen by Gods, worshiped enough to be created as such. Grateful enough to know I was created by them. My humanity is my, hope for time well spent under the stars and inside the cosmos breathing and speaking with others. I feel pain, I sense worry, I am afraid of something, but there is so much passion in being human, sex has a new meaning, it has some form climax that make us feel so warm, and fuzzy inside; so secular you can taste of the wonderful vibrant and, vivacious pleasure between your toes. I am happy to say”the central nervous system is a God given gift”  we call sex physical love.

Being human is Good, and being An animal is instinctively well, animals have the freedom to live without worry of tomorrow’s social status. but without hesitation I can say it’s good to be a sinful human that lives with passion.

My humanity is beautiful yet chaotic.


Issues in Ireland

After sitting in my typical American,home living my normal American,life I Can’t help but to keep pondering about my research I was doing on Ireland. I tend to believe things would get better over time but,really history seems to repeat itself. I may not be Irish but something about the country brings me a charming feeling of hope and love for some reason I love Ireland and all the things I have felt from its culture. I have never been there before but how great and pleasurable it is to know I share something in common with a people so far away from me, I thrive for knowing how can I help bring peace to a world I familiar with but also unfamiliar with. How can I tell the world that we all seek heaven and a home and we may not always feel secure in this state we are in.

what is wrong with the world.

I want to save the world some how.

-Lakira Mitchum