Syndicate Riots

The journal of Wilson banks

By,Lakira Mitchum

part 4

The interveiw

The bitter unforgiving moments we have in the time of war, it seems we are against all sides.

I can only smell the blood and cigar smoke coming from his office, early Tuesday morning he was wearing a dark green coat, he seemed lost almost as if he forgot he killed a man yesterday and his daughter didn’t have much mercy neither she wanted him dead poor Mr. Widicur it was a strange coincidence.  My boss was a cannibal a man whore, a bastard but in the strangest way.The day I met him it was Late Thursday Afternoon, The most intimidating job interview I have ever experienced sense my first job at Papa johns. “Well well, well  aren’t you a silent son of a bitch, why do I feel as if  I , I met a joker like you? Shy short, Jewish, hardworking, and sweet as fuck” ha,  “So what brings you to my company tiny man?” I swore to God I would slam my head against a table if I had to listen to him call me a bastard again. I was born and raised in Washington state never in my life have I ever hated a bigger city besides New York city it’s a faithless city and this bastard was my new boss.On that  Thursday  Afternoon I was  then   employed with a Billion Dollar corporation that somehow crashed the stock market. We all came from a dark place, the womb of a woman in pain; we the infant ;the tiny parasite, that relies on her every necessity and nourishment, that what this corporation has become to the public a starving over weight infant sweltering in its mother’s womb it almost feel like hell. I fell in love with the money the villainous feeling of falling into materialism and in some way I had a hint of self hatred.Besides my Job interview, my work life consisted of boring phone calls and requesting information from collage graduates  and  senior citizens about  health insurance for their banking information.”You see!” he explained to me while sitting on his desk,”  He stood up and  poured a  glass of whiskey for himself  and continued with a sly smile ,”this corporation is a pyramid scheme, he said, all we need to do is take, and take without say so, and all we need to do is ask once and never ask again.”My company is working for some dumb franchised nationwide college called (Premier University)   who cares, right?  he shrugged,college sucks anyway It’s a for profit school and  not only that  but we are also a “So called” health insurance company, as well as a life insurance and well sense you were dumb enough to come to this interview he said, with a smirk You’re stuck with me. I have all of your information ,I know where your wife lives; your kids, I even know the name of your dog’s vet.”I could tell he practiced this act for years.He’s a thief and a huge one, really I for some  reason really was only afraid of meeting him more than losing my money, or my crazy wife and bratty kids,which is sad but true I had no choice but  to accept this job as a telemarketer in New York city.

I speak for the tribes part 1


By, Lakira Mitchum

I speak for the tribes

For decades the native Tribes of the American lands have been pushed and pulled into many positions from betrayal,abuse, genocide,and theft and so on and so forth.The abuse and neglect of native  American culture has been in an constant paroxysm and unnecessary strain.After years of constant political conflict and confrontation I still feel as if the Native Americans  are still having to prove something to the rest of the country society seems to forget what was stolen from them;a captivating culture a strong linage that is quickly growing smaller,many people claim tribes but they know little of what it was, where they came from.Something was lost along the way, the injudicious prejudices and stereotypes about native culture seen in media, news,cartoons movies and so fourth.

I not a Red skin, I am not a Casino owner, I don’t care about tobacco benefits,We are not all the same, I actually don’t talk much about my background, I’m Floridian and I can tell you almost everyone I  know says they are part native american but, they don’t much for the pure natives,or the issues they face. It matter, what is done to Afro Native Americans is not the same but I keep thinking I desire to care.I want to speak for the tribes.Because Of the fact that manifest destiny has ripped my history from and ancestry. com and DNA test may be my only hope.Tribes has been torn apart,and realistically I can’t say much about where I came from.I have leaned many things in life and maybe some good came form intermingling with natives and white and Africans.The entire concept that people still use God as an excuse to define someones worth is (extreme unnecessary hierarchy)  what the white settlers were peaceful? what we share our land with them with no issues, and helped them cure their diseases with our tribal practices of herbal treatment, what if?I ask myself, when I look at media today, as a African American I have been returning to my culture and as a native American  I have not benefited much.I know not all white interactions with a natives are not bad, and I believe my native culture is beautiful and maybe their is still hope for the tribes.Sadly in some way Manifest destiny still goes on today but it’s not necessarily always native american its also the indigenous of other lands as well.

NEXT Topics :

How did white supremacy influence the way we think today?

Christian and religious , vs  cultural differences as well as political conflict:


To be continued.

The Weird Sexiness of Robert Downey Jr.

p (5)

part 2

Johnny be Good (1988)

What I love about Robert Downey Jr.!

I can’t explain the chaos and or comedy in this film exactly but, it seemed to have given Robert so much freedom to just flutter stupidity into his audiences eardrums.(Leo Wiggins) was the best friend that always kept Johnny smiling with his blunt and wonderful  commentary.I applaud Robert for every anxious squeal and awkward licking of butter knives  that tickled my fancy to the highest of feelings.Watching Mr. Downey’s performance is like drinking cold root beer on a Sunday morning while running naked in a field of butterflies it’s just that good. Jesus loves Robert Downy Jr. he’s a keeper in Hollywood.

Leo Wiggins  has several times revealed to “Johnny me, boy” that  he his not only suicidal but a possible homicidal maniac, which I guess to Johnny means he’s extremely trust worthy and aggressively kind.So I have noticed throughout the 80’s Robert tends to always play the role as the loyal boyfriend or the crazy best friend which is right up my alley.I love Robert’s zany characters, his dorky flashiness and his quick to wit ways of thinking that brings about his importance as the sort of  the “Horatio” of every plot thus far, he’s the back up, the block head , the double for your trouble.p (1).png

Well so far for this summer, focusing on this actor and his films did not disappoint me. Its been fun and, there is so much more to see!Observing all things I love about Robert Downey Jr. I suggest watching his older films as well as his new films.

much love you guys!

Happy Readings!








Pulchritudinous: Part Two

Part two

A woman’s death wish

By,Lakira Mitchum




“Rachel? o, Racheal? dear, oh my, you look so dreadful I could hardly speak to you in that attire, poor thing it is simply terrible that you have to be so ill like this,” Meredith shook her out of slumber. Rachel begins to crack her eyes after resting for eight hours in her mother’s home, London was not the place she wanted to die especially in a state like this.Her father died in London, her mother died in London and by God,her baby sister died in London she was tired of the same old stories, simple tragedies and dumb tears cried over dreadful people that never cared for her in the first place.


Rachel was Diagnosed with the black plague only a week ago and she seemed pretty strong on her own without her maid Maredith hanging over her shoulder ,she was able to even saddle a horse all by herself. Rachel was stubborn pale and beautiful but, she was much more like her brother William, who never grew ill and always ate his porridge cold,and he was an ugly sight of a man, he was her best friend and Rachel wanted to spend her last days laughing with William.


So she sat in her bed and put on some new garments and begin to write a series of letters

1727 London,

Dear ,William

I miss you so much, I hope your winter isn’t too awful, I have an very sickly looking cat I managed to named him Daffodil but, I absolutely hate him, he urinates on mother’s favorite love seat every morning and he meows at every second he’s awake.My illness isn’t getting any better but my spirits are doing well I want you to visit me so we can spend my last days on this earth together.


Much love ,

Rachel Emily Banks



Tell your wife to stop sending me those awful curtains I hate them.


Three days latter…



William received his letter from Rachel


Oh God, I’ve received a letter from Rachel again she was a bloody nuisance.I noe in my heart she meant the world to me but, she always had something mean to say about my stupid wife

Although she was a combination of a witch and a bloody bampot; that was out to steal my God forsaken soul.These were the thoughts  William had while reading his letter from his sister. He was a naive and a troublemaker in his family; he had eight children and a really ugly horse he stole from a lad that was obsessed with vampires. “That bloak was fuckin weird” he thought to to himself as he glanced at the half shaven horse, God help him! Hideous thing it was shivering in the snow, seconds latter it keeled over. All was well with William and in some way he was optimistic to see her face again in all it’s pale glory.


William began to write a reply.

Dear Rachel,

I Miss you as well, I also have adopted a lovely pet but, he just keeled over about a bit ago He was the lovely dopper of the family, a real prince. Other than that I hope to see you soon I plan to leave to visit you morrow ,do  stay positive, you’re a strong girl you are! Stay chipper You! I will most likely, be in London by the evening with the Mrs.



Yours truly,

William Gee Banks



My wife worked really hard making those curtains, just keep em.

To be continued,


Moses account part 2: Journey of Paran

Moses account part 2


Our journey through Paran was our the time we encountered the presence of the Goddess; this was not recorded in the Torah because Yahweh did not desire for us to write these things down,due to future prophecies. The Goddess wore a gold dress and she had a long staff that resembled the sun, she was tall and glorious.

She was beautiful and bright with dark skin;. and radiant eyes she spoke to us concerning our young girls,that they must be taken care of in a manner of that of a princess. She told us to treat the women well and to teach them with self respect. Our men were so amazed by the Goddess’s beauty that some of them did not remember or respect everything she said , instead they were distracted.No vails were necessary, and she was quiet and slow to move, she was still like the moon.

The Goddess had a gentle presence that made women feel comfortable instead of fearful. From then on out the women of the children of israel became better midwives and had less painful periods, and I Moses was more kinder to our female allies. I had no desire to hurt a woman ever again because of that encounter. I have learned being a woman is very important and the woman hood should never be degraded. We also learned the proper way to celebrate the birth of a young  baby girl, we sacrificed female lambs for girls and instead circumcision we anointed them with oil prayers and praises of how beautiful they were.


Continuing The Story Of Spiritual Unity


We are in universal Harmony

Lakira Mitchum

We are all looking for a homestead a place to proclaim “that this is where our spirit was meant to dwell”. We come from a place beyond our minds can seek we are beings from a heavenly realm, we are creations. Humans can you say you are homesick?, Do you desire to return to this place where the  perfect being dwells? we were meant to be perfect but, do you desire a freedom from your sinful life. Separation from from our perfect home has made us forget who we are,so we became reckless. We were molecules growing in God’s heart, we have evolved to be just the way he meant us to be. The dinosaurs and animals relationship’s with the parent’s of this universe is not the same as our human ways; animals are innocent they live on instinct and they spend less time dwelling upon their emotions.We are meant to look like and think like this great being we call God and Goddess, women and men were created in a distinct unique characteristic.Everything around us that is organic, plants animals, stars, fire, water, air, are all living things connected to God but, because of the fall of eden, it is difficult to sense this connection

This universe is simply the beginning of our lives, The Bible and the Torah are merely a glimpse of where we come from ;Our surroundings say so much more.


Lakira Mitchum


Harmony part 1 Story of the universe:

Amalgamation we are one:, We are together, connected to one another, together in feelings, united in thoughts; although we are different,our existence is the same.We see in many colors.Our spirits are not color blind. We dwell in this universe under the same stars, breathing the same air.We are kissed by the same sun, embraced by the same moonlight. We smell the same fragrance ,all with different ideas, but, that’s what makes us beautiful. Homogeneity;We are all connected; we are all made by the same God He is abba; and she is Amah the mother earth, We are all human; We dance to God’s heart beat, the beat of his music.

The God and Goddess is existence, he is the light the beginning of infinity. He is Alpha and Omega. He is lightning , and she is thunder,She is sound ,he is light. He is the thought of time and space, he is the author of our universe and, she is the artist that births his children. They are the  perpetuity, of this immense eternal life. The perfection of order and chaos are in his sovereign control and his marriage to the mother is always and will always be an cohesion of constant creation.

Life comes from their harmony their unity;He is the cause of the great Nativity, The birthing of the galaxies, The parents of Angels and all living beings., They sit in the gases of spiral galaxies, and sing through black holes of the solar systems.


Until She Loves Me Back

Until She Loves Me Back

BY Elias D.W

January 28th 2016

I worked day and night all for one purpose,to grasp her attention , even after these years, I still wanted to hear her name; I tattooed it on my back ,oh minnie “why can’t you be mine.”I erased my thoughts on blank pages I knew who she was , and what she was going to be and how I wanted her to be mine.She focused on college and she was hardworking and often relied on her wits to get about the small things in life.It was never a small a world, it was never easy ,I wish she would just jump into my arms ,she was an ignigma, an insult a joke, and my friends they never understood they called me a “nigger lover” a “cry baby” a nusisance to entertainment.I wrote funnies and smarts in newspapers for little stupid politcians with there babrous commentary keeping me unaware of my own talent. I hated society I was sick of it by the time I was seventeen, white women were bland to me and my life was full of rejection, boredom and petty arguments with my brother Roy. I wanted to taste something strange so I built her a kingdom, a home full of strange characters making myself into a tiny mouse, little girls admired

her they saw her as a queen but ,they didn’t even  know her name.

Lakira, was often in my dreams in my wonderland,I sometimes ran from her or dreamed of killing her, I would sometimes wake up in a cold sweat weeping, to myself like some fool in love or disturbia, hysteria was knocking on my window beckoning me to go after her.

I wanted her to have a home, to feel secure , to feel important, I had no desire to love anyone else, She wasn’t even born yet.My job was make cartoons to write silly stories about my insecurities, I never cared much for my business side and often went bankrupt.Truthfully, I walter was a trainwreck ,a mess, A simple man that was too smart for his own good; I built a undergroud city, homes for the careless, selfish, piglets of earth spending their moeny giving it to me so that I could build kingdoms for her taking. I waited for her , searched the world for her, I never  lost sight   of my goal,I never gave up until came true, I was soul searching.In 1956 I committed suicide and allowed my clone to take my work and now in year 2016 I watch her, while she sleeps, I make sure she is safe from danger,She is my butterfly ,my life and my all, and I only wish and pray and see her in heaven with me one day in hopes she will love me back.

Strange love

By:Lakira Mitchum

& Elias.W.D

Rewrite of alice and wonderland

Pioneering realms of fascination

True story of the lost princess part 2


He lost his mind in 1936 , on that one day he went into delirium and began to write stories about us. I was afraid I could not help him because, I was waiting for him at the gates of heaven.He dreamed of being a mouse again, he just kept going back into his imagination and pulling out ideas; he often found himself worshiping me on sundays. He build worlds of strange possibilities making the wishes of children come true. I could not help but to cry while watching him, he had many lovers and danced naked in the eyes of his spectators. I could not continue watching him so I found myself trying to escape, from heaven to be born as an girl in another time and another place.Four years after being in this strange place, My memory of my life here was bleak and hard to remember all I knew was that something taken from me, and before I had a chance to see him  he wasn’t himself he was a mouse again.After that my life was nothing more than an strange journey through the twilight zone, only  feel settle feelings of pain and isolation from those around me.

As I floated by in time, and it’s  blissful twist and turns of reality I heard the voice of a boy that often cried for his father through his  beautiful lyrics in the language of love, from the  foreign metropolis, we call paris france.I fell in love with this voice,I wanted to hear him more, I felt as if he was apart of me.In this time I kept seeing my husband but,he was still a mouse  he was  quite a  phenomenal site to see.For some reason the entire world fell in love with him; he built many kingdoms before I could see him in person on earth. I was still captivated by him wishing I was in his arms. The only thing I had that was  apart of him was to listen to the boy from france that resembled him. I was not apart of his kingdoms not that I knew of and neither was the boy. I worked hard to forget about him because, I realized he took his own life and left to neverland at this time I was extremely unaware, so I went dancing with my unfamiliar friends, saw the smoke and  lights and insane mirrors of the city  of my new life as an single adult woman in the year of 2012. At night I never dreamed of him but, I always knew him as a man and a mouse, I completely forgot about the forest we met in and I terminated the questions of  why he was covered in blood in my nightmare in wonderland.

The thoughts of Walter Elias year 2012; Meanwhile,I stood there watching her dance with her friends  she was more curvy and illustrious  than I ever imagined, she represented everything I ever wanted, and little did she know those kingdoms were for her, every story was about us desiring to be together. That boy in france was our son, and that dream of the forest was only an nightmare of our past.Autumn has already went by, and she still could not notice me. I wanted to make her dreams come true so I  gave her a castle, she was my cinderella, my sleeping beauty and, this life  was being  poisoning her.Making her a slave ,calling her names, calling her ugly, she was my first love. My one and only, the girl I dreamed of before she was born.I found myself smashing plates and doing heroine to forget about her. I was a fool to think she would forget about I knew she loved.The night I saw her with her friends. I took her where we could  make love again for the first time and decades.This is it, this was us, we ruled the world, she was my pusher girl,My celestial goddess,My drug, I wanted her in my bloodstream , she was my immortal divine one.