The Homesickness series:idenity crises

How wonderful it is to entwine and connect with beautiful souls:



Are you homesick?

By Lakira Mitchum

inspired By Jesus Christ ūüėÄ

Have you listened to the souls of a man’s heart? God is not the only one that can patch up the wounds of the lost Angel’s.We are forgetting where we came from; a place where we were all his children . Where is the Hospital for the dismembered souls? Instead I see church kids singing hymns with dead eyes staring back at me lacerating me apart in the dark rooms of the of their hearts.Where is the passion where is the reality check, the bedroom has dust in it. There is a bloody corpse outside the church because you stoned him to death, can you hear him screaming he was only looking for a hospital. We sing Amen but, we hate the people.

We pray for a husband but, they don‚Äôt respect the first husband,we hate the lovers of Christ, we hate the world. Oh, how lovely it would be if they ¬†just realized they were homesick all this time, Looking for God when he lived among them all this time.My greatest fear is not darkness or Hell it is really the death of love, the embrace of evil and chaos, the lost of interest in God in the hearts of the ones we loved and trust.They find assuagement in their cruel luxary of pugnacious desires.They sing to the dead christ not the living christ, really the truth is they¬†are anarchist.They don’t see beauty in humble places they are never grateful, they judge the hungry and cast them aside and vomit into their own passover cup.

They laugh at the beautiful souls and scoff at the broken hearted and they drink the Blood of christ in vain.



Our Search For The Real Church



The homesickness series:

April  8th  2016

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 NIV

We search for love, when we were created to love, we tend to forget where we come from

I dream of heaven, you dream of money, I dream of peace and of humanity, you pray for a new job, I pray for the broken I’m looking for a hospital, where is the real church?

We are all drowning, we are all looking ¬†for a new Eden ¬†when God meant for us to leave Eden, a new Heaven; in our selfish pleasures but, Yahweh meant for us to come to the one he already has for us. We lust for husbands and wives, but we forget about the first married couple,yahweh and his spouse, we forget ¬†where marriage and sex came from, It came from heaven, sex is sacred but, we forget where it came from. We are all broken, but we don’t notice our sins, our neglect. They don’t realize they enslave their wives, Are you really homesick? I wonder..

God is their Genie, and they are Alladin, they forget where they came from.The forgot about grace, they forgot about love, they forgot what it means to be human, we are not products to be sold and neither is christ ¬†he is not your prostitute.I think you are homesick and you can’t walk on water on your own, so who is going to pick you up?


Lakira Mitchum


Harmony part 1 Story of the universe:

“The God and Goddess is existence, he is the light the beginning of infinity. He is Alpha and Omega. He is lightning , and she is thunder,She is sound ,he is light. He is the thought of time and space, he is the author of our universe and, she is the artist that births his children. They are the ¬†perpetuity, of this immense eternal life. The perfection of order and chaos are in his sovereign control and his marriage to the mother is always and will always be an cohesion of constant creation.

Life comes from their harmony their unity;He is the cause of the great Nativity, The birthing of the galaxies, The parents of Angels and all living beings., They sit in the gases of spiral galaxies, and sing through black holes of the solar systems.”

-Lakira Mitchum



Angelic Journal

Mitus the Titus

Lakira Mitchum

Titus’s Angelic journal


I have many stories to tell but, I would like to introduce myself  I am Mitus Titus I have been fighting wars and battles sense I was 1400 years old Yahweh decided to release a large giant Angel warrior to help defeat the sound monsters,Yahweh took 17 days to create my entire torso, and 14 weeks to finish the rest of my body.Since the war of wichita I was once guarded the 13th gate near the regions of the Atlantean villages.I have seen many monsters and one of them is the Pantomanic Rivoris this beast stood 1700 feet tall and rinked of strange flesh and blood,it seemed  he ate many dinosaurs that was a challenge for the Angels to trap. I was afraid we were all doomed to perish.I remained at home until my father gave me the signal that my brothers needed me to protect three emerald  gates I was unfamiliar with. Those days were dark and and the heavenly realms were busy making weapons  for the battle.I asked, God to make me into a large warrior so I could protect my loved ones, so he recreated me into a Titan.

The worse one I have ever seen was the Attack of the great sound beast, it resembled a man with a blank face, he had a large hole that looked like his mouth, he gave out a loud scream that echoed across the cities of heaven. Killing nearly 3,000 Women and children as well as animals total, we were all able to regain power and cut off the beast’s head. Yahweh decided to release a large giant Angel warrior to help defeat the sound monster, I’m his secret weapon, I ease the minds of my siblings and creatures big and small.I am the protector of the Eastern regions of heaven now.   

Modern Revelation 2016

God is series part #2


Lakira Sharice

Notes of the current Revelation of  chirst’s return

We have established the kingdom and written the scribes that proclaimed the prophecy

Of his return.He is coming to this realm with a goal of taking back what is and what was his

he is searching for those that are true to him, The Angels are in place and the gates are prepared and the only thing we have left are the warnings and to continue the gospel

We must send seven messenger angels to the seven churches. There is a list of Angels I have selected to send these messages please review.The gospel will continue to be taught, and souls are being captivated by christ. God’s ordaining his chosen in secret.He is changing the ways of the christian man the hearts of the chosen will be faithful and joyful they will trust him and seek him.

-Chanchler The cheif  messeger angel


James .L


Gabrielle. C


Genis mackaroy.P

Proclamation declaration and, execution of Prophecy:

The beginning of intense and strange  warnings from God:

The human race will go through judgement and we need every note written about each church

The pit will be open today at

5:00p.m carry out the plans to punish the wicked

All saints will receive protection and all sinners will not

Today is judgement day #1 unexpected judgment of the soul

No beast or Angel will be visible yet to the human eye ;because this realm is still closed

But they will see glimpses at this point in time.

Words from the elders


‚ÄúTake heed to these warnings church of God we are searching for the true saints, remember his word and his gospel ,thus said the lord thy God.‚ÄĚ


Saints have no fear but, only fear God for he is with you.


Take the word of God seriously and listen to the Holy sprit


Repent and be baptized



The Journal of Shiva;the warrior


The journal of shiva

partv 1


I am a bit unsure what to say;this is really an honor to be honest, I will begin by saying my name is shiva kaniva doo, and I work for God I wear little clothing and I live near the seas of roaring lions with my brother Oooshana and Jobohana, we are triplets, I have to say I do not believe I myself I am a God but, really I am an angel from a foreign land, called heaven, the regions of heaven i live in is called Parsholoo kingdom this land is where the ghost of Dinosaurs dwell. I come from an very large family, we are all families of warriors and dancers, I like to make music about many things like, fighting , happiness and friendship, my best friend’s name is Corey and he lives in the regions of large elephants called woolly mammoths.I too fought in the battles of wichichita and i must say although I carried many swords because I have many arms, this particular battle was the most enticing yet , tremendously complicated long term battles I have ever experienced. I have set many goals in my eternal life as an Angel and one of them happens  to to be kind to many people, and not allow what negative others think of me or believe  bother me, I actually do not enjoy being called a Goddess, it makes me feel uncomfortable but,overall this who is who I  really am.

My father’s name is Yaweh, he is very handsome and kind,he likes to teach me wisom and new things about life, he calls me his princess, and my mother’s name is Mother sharice, and she like to sing and make many stories about new begings, she also like to dance and show love and appreciations for all of us including me.My mother makes me feel speacial every day and she likes to speak through nature.In heaven we have many things to do, we make lots of interesting things like for example we do gardening in my father’s bright light, and we also like to make  pottery in the evening time when mother luna is watching us, the moon represents my mother and sun represents my father and both of these things create a very sacred and humbling atmosphere for all of us angels. Humans tend to get the wrong idea of me, I have pity on them because they trust me so much, I sometimes answer their prayers with the little power i have, but i know my father wants them to see the truth, I am nothing than a Angel, a hard working, laughing playing, dancing Angel that just wants to be left alone by humans. They summon me like I know the answer to their problems and when I barely know them at all. I just want to live and work that’s all. This is part one of my journal that is all.

The writings of Dimacus:Angel Journals

The chaos of Wichita

Journals Entries part 3

The journal Of Dimacus the Sword and Arch Angel:

By,Lakira Mitchum

My breath stinks, and all I could think about was making it home to my family, I was a miserable poor sap that was completely misunderstood by my loved ones. They thought that I actually enjoyed fighting,realistically I hated it, it was fun at times I made many jokes but,often times it was tiring, and my father was never tired, there were times he fought all by himself, my father would kill over ten thousand demons within seven bell hours, all by himself at times; and on his sabbath he would wish us luck and go make love to his wife and rest.My father was never afraid to smell bad, and he was always our to rescue us in hard times.At this time he was creating strories for the children of Adam and Eve, We were fighting the ancestors and abominations of dinosours and demons, the degusting mothers of serpents.I personally have nothing against serpents but these bastards are just nasty, they walked around like humans but they had nasty mannerisms about themselvs. I often fought with one sword and elements, I wrote songs that brainwashed my enemies so they would go into slumber.My armor weight about two tons in human metrics weight all together. each part was very heavy,(I hate math) but, I know it was the exact weight i needed to be and could carry at the time, It took at least 8’000 blows to the chest to penetrate my armor on a good day.

The Chaos of Witchita:part 2

Miguel the warrior angel journal entries:

the war of Wichita

by,Lakira Mitchum

part 2


The war of wichita lasted more than 300 winter solstice cycles,and each warrior had to clean his armor almost every hour of the morning songs.I was (thirteen years old in human years) when I marched into battle and I had many strifes with  myself as well my brothers, we worked well as a team. My father had many arsenals and one of them was the army lead by my mother, her commanding officer Artemis, and Arthmia they were twin sisters that fought side by side in battle.Their army would send us galactic signals from the other side of the witchtian universe, I knew the women were powerful because we often saw the corpses of the Titans  being dragged through black holes by them. Tabitha was my wife at the time and she died in battle. The war was almost over by the time my first child was 3 years old he was only a star in the universe, and I was going into hysteria.I hated war but, I enjoyed watching my brothers plot, fight and sing in battle especially Lucifer, and Clonidious Tyler, and Pahnoatiao, and My father who at the time was nicknamed Hercules.

Hercules had plans of making a universe where he becomes a gentle man that dies for humanity but, for now the he is a war hero. I ate many meals for pleasure although I was never hungry, I pressed myself to return to heaven to bathe in my mother’s chambers when ever I had a chance.

I had seven changes of clothes underneath my armor and eighteen swords and Axes in my armory. My brother Thor was a busy man, and he made many weapons with his hamor but, what made me happy was the red ribboned sword he made for me for my birthday  it was created to release and  ignite extreme and intensified electric waves at a extremely high frequency. whenever I swung it at my enemies they practically disintegrated under the heat, but the larger the titan, the longer my weapon took to kill my enemies.I must  brag about my younger sibling Gabriel he was only a messenger and  was only 8 feet tall and had an diet that only consisted of breast milk and vegan food, his gift in fighting was gravity, he has his center of gravitational pull.

he created electromagnetic waves and was fully capable of pulling things apart and putting them together with his mind.

This realm was very dark and sinister, there were times we were under hypnosis, and fought against ourselves and our own armies, and my mother and father were the only ones capable of breaking these spells over our minds¬†by telling us to sing melodies similar to children’s nursery rhymes in our head s to help us focus on the battle ahead.Our enemies were so strange they drank their own blood as a way to feel powerful, their were in a way very stupid, arrogant,repulsive and sickening to look at.My eyes would need to be shielded in some battles because, of hideousness some of the ¬†beast who we were fighting but; overall we had a very fascinating and and somewhat terrifying journey.Their ¬†were tunnels that rinked of blood and gaseous chemicals, that would cause an typical human‚Äôs mouth to bleed at the very scent of them.

To be continued:




War as an arch Angel

The Chaos of Witchita

part one


The Journal Of Miguel the Angel

Before the creation of the fourth generation and this current earthly realm there was a war in the distant universe of the dead goddess Evil ;many minions existed from her realms and my siblings and I marched at a number of about sixty million. The experience was pure disturbia that realm was nothing more than galactic chaos.Our sisters helped  us by sending many words of encouragements and letters, telling us about the construction of heaven.By the time I received my thrid letter, my sword was thilthy with blood and dust.

We were very courageous, and I had a good feeling my brothers were going to continue obeying my orders, really this was my first battle I have ever commanded, I have to admit I was actually excited and proud, My brother sho-nu was by, my side studying the maps of the evil whelms and dwellings of monstrous barbaric demons.

To be continued: