Anthony Misano’s Joker: Gallery Part2

This guys is an lovely cos player as  well as actor that gets all the booty… J.k

shout out to this handsome Devil cos playing as my favorite character From D.C comics

The Joker. Please Enjoy!




Anthony Misano as the Joker







Raven and Beast the Boy

The Real Origin Of The Joker part 1



Why am I a Joker fan?


I have my own theories, believe it or not i’m a  comic book fan D.C to be exact yeah ,Marvel is cool to but, let’s move on shall we! I have a theory to purpose about my beloved Joker, he is the cackling prince of Gotham , the funky funny  fashionista of D.C comics and he gets all the babes and bunnies, never mind anyways, what if I told you the joker was a hypnotized secret soldier and Harley Quinn was a government official that brainwashed him into believing he was an deranged clown would you believe me?well you should fools.My theory is relevant because it just makes sense why the hell have they not executed him yet, after killing thousands of people and commissioner Gordan always goes easy on him for some reason. The joker works for the Illuminati and “Goatham” (haha Bahfamet reference) ,was to be some sort of cursed city that was meant to be destroyed into chaos as a sacrifice to a weird God. So let’s begin; Jerome Velenski is his real name , he began his life as an Russian spy and was captured by  the U.S government after getting caught killing a woman named Rosetta Stone, the Government showed Russia the joke was on them by turning him into an clown reject from Haly’s circus  hence the Joker was born! That makes more sense than that killing joke crap,No power plant or anything like that!The Joker, becomes a serial killer/ double agent for an secret society called  AMC corp.

Meanwhile he is also hired by Batman(Bruce Wayne) to kill Jason Todd for being a nuisance to society as well as an spy for terrorist, he was hired to hurt Barbara Gordon for almost revealing her father’s secret as an double agent, the Joker is all around bad ass, he pretty much at the top of career became an independent assassin, He was also hired to kill Talia, wonder woman, Superman’s evil clone, and wonder girl, and the Joker actually has super strength because he is given steroids in Arkham. Not only that but I’m pretty sure he pimped out cat woman to his goons as well as Batman, he also pimped out Harley Quinn when he finally figured out how  to avoid being brainwashed again. Not only that but, he also has  clones that are actually evil,he actually has or had several clones; and the one that got his face cut off was one of them. He has three obvious clones one has green eyes and actually green hair, and the other two both have black hair that is dyed monthly they specialize in bombing buildings, while the other specializes in cutting up people and disposing bodies.Batman and Jerome are actually best friends and military buddies, and Furthermore is also a veteran that worked his way up he was also injected with youth medication that kept him young after the Vietnam war as well as world war one and two.

The nemesis thing is just an act, that’s why Batman saved his life so many times instead of saving humanity by letting him die. Gotham is pretty much the  exile  city of America for criminals.














Clark Kent’s diary; entry #1

Superman;D.C comics. based fan fiction

Dealing with his abilities:

“The sun was shining, the clouds were fluffy, like cotton balls, and the sky was a clear, deep, ocean blue, in short it was a beautiful day, but all I could think about was”


The Storm that was heading our way; from a distance I could see the clouds come together. Here in Kansas things never change it’s a small town it’s either you’re an old baptist or a rebellious teenager that goes cow tipping at midnight.My name is Clark Kent and I am only seventeen years old, and I don’t talk much but, I tend to sense things more than the average person like this unexpected strom for instance. There isn’t much to do here.”I begin to wonder to myself does anyone care about smallville?” especially those damn weather men who hasn’t said; a word about it yet on the news. as I  stood there staring at the sky in my dirty boots and work jeans I had just finished plowing the field and, was too busy daydreaming to inform mother of the storm headed our way.

As I made my way Inside the house smelled like apple pie and ,collard greens and boy was I hungry! MaMa was always welcoming no matter how dirty I was,while preparing the table  she looked at me with a  smile and said,”sugar dinna is almost ready wash, up will you”.”yes maam” I replied, that’s when I remember to tell her about the storm; but I suddenly felt the urge to not do that because I didn’t want her to know about my strange abilities, so I kept quiet about the storm and let it come without warning.

For my little Bambino: The death of Rosetta stone

Fan-fiction :Mystery:Batman; D.C comics inspired 

Lakira Mitchum

The streets were dark and eerie that night, when Jerome decided to do the task of which he was requested, it was almost midnight and he had been waiting outside for an hour.

He had his pistol loaded with a silencer, he knew he had to do this job he needed the money, because he had a baby on the way. His target was the beautiful Rosetta, she was an deadly assassin that worked for Soviet Russia. Jerome was a bit fond of Rosetta and he sometimes thinks about the times they had together  before he married his wife, but honestly to him she was just another tramp from his past.Rosetta had just finished with an client and she was going  to go  meet up with her boyfriend Big Tommy who had no idea she was an assassin from Russia. she was good at hiding her accent and was very good at getting what she wanted from him. The moment Jerome heard her apartment door crack, his senses became awaken ;like a panther hunting for prey and he was ready and almost excited.She made her way down the streets in her three inch heels and red clingy dress, her hair was dark, and almost as red as the blood of her victims. Jerome hated her and he was pleased with this assignment, he felt no remorse , after what he heard about what she did to his friend Lenny, she was garbage to him. He cocked his pistol and took a deep breath and with marksmanship he aimed with precision and pulled the trigger, in a matter of seconds she was bleeding on the concrete dead from a gunshot to the head .Jerome took note of her death in his journal and wrote” Rosetta Stone 12:30 am 1938”.

He smiled ,lit his cigarette with a sigh of accomplishment , and drove off casually into the dark streets of Gotham.