This Little Mermaid

Part 7

This little mermaid chapter 2

A new voyage

After I managed to acquire a meal  of Fish and bread I heard a familiar voice on deck it was Eric he swam to the ship, which at this point in time was already a good mile away from the island he looked dismayed. I felt no pity for him but, I do understand why I he kept returning to Captain Hensworth’s ship;I believe I can help him find Ursula again if he doesn’t somaticize into insanity even more before we find her. I can sense her movement from miles away but, I know if we find her, the human’s best keep their distance she will

Catechize them and eat them. I sat a bench and watched the sea and began to wondering  how I should to talk to Eric, honestly he seems a bit hard to talk to at the moment, when Hensworth decided to sit by me; “Well Ariel, you know that was a bit of a  shorter trip than I expected wwwwwwellllllll I’m guessing you think I’m a some blowwwckky spppooonuhhhhh I  did git sum chubbies and rum pardon me i’m a bit tipsy is all,I feel more like a strong man you see here!” He held up a very large bottle of Rum in my face, This is my memories of that bloody island, booty and regrets and pie lots o’ pie bitches love pie!

Captain!, I said, what about our voyage where are we going next?” This was my attempt to help him  feel important somehow after, all he is still a leader. “Captain you say?! Suddenly a strange bearded man dressed in torn clothes and dreadlocks stepped toward us well I say this is my bloody ship that’s my brother James, me name is jack and, you love are a mermaid and I do not trust mermaids but, I like your style we can keep you for now.” My eyes lit up for a second, I recognized his name, my name is Ariel I replied to him as he sat next to poor James; You see my dear my little brother lost his wife to the dreaded black plague so he decided to take my ship and travel his sorrows away; but,no need to worry mates the pearl is in good hands again.My brother is a good christian man that loves the fat maidens and actually hates rum he hasn’t been himself lately. Jack patted James on the back and smiled, He’ll be back on his feet in no time at all. Until then, he continued, I must ask you some favors you see I desire to get revenge against Captain Mercedes(he’s a alleged sea wizard) so I want to reach Atlantis before he does, sooooooooo we need to find a gentlemen named Ezekiel he’s a atlantian that knows a lot about the treasure of poseidon and sorcery. I nodded in fascination, I actually knew Ezekiel  very well I had the impression he was located in Greece but, first we should find Ursula I explained to Jack.

Only to get Eric near her location so he can kill her himself.  “well why in God’s name should I care about Eric’s love life?”Jack responded, Well because I hate her as well and I want to gain Calypso’s favor by killing the evil witch that often hurts the innocent.

Well let’s go to Greece first, why don’t we!!?   


This little Mermaid ch 2

Ariel’s discovery

Marcello and I got up and moved to a more private area of the building it was dimly lit and with many candles I noticed a shrine that was dedicated to the virgin at the front of the room, It seemed  Marcello was a very religious man, he took a breath and mumbled a blessing to Mary ok, he signed Hensworths is actually a close friend of mine. I knew him a long time ago before he was married; He recruited Eric on his expedition long before he left Europe, Eric was insane, He begged the captain to bring him ughhh along and he just how you would say pitied him , it seemed the young man wanted to escape from his father,but I knew the truth. Really Eric was looking for a sea beast I could tell from the mark on his his forehead, You see Ariel I can sense these things I am also aware that Eric is still in love with Ursula and the only way he can break the curse  is by killing her. I watched Marcello face as he spoke he seemed to be a different person his eyes grew wider and more tense, I don’t think he was  very fond of Eric. Marcello took a sip of his wine and continued to speak in a quiet tone,I have seen Eric do many strange things he seems to be a very sad and hateful man that worships the darkness of  Ursula’s heart he eats raw octopuses and talks to dead fishes as if they can hear him. Uno strano pazzo, he often told beautiful I’m surprised you were never sold by him or killed by him it’s strange he married you.He told me you were a shape shifter and that you once had red hair and a green tail, I assume you did not want him to recognize you but,I know you are one with calypso and it is my job to protect you. You know the, the uuhhhghhh the Rakkaus,that great beast that almost killed you  is a hermaphrodite it is the child of Ursula and Eric and it is still alive somewhere, it is just mindless beast of prey, it has no emotions, he paused. Suddenly we heard several gun shots and yelling, a riot was taking place near the  pub Marcello took my hand and we sneaked our way outside,and a filthy toothless man Ran to us yelling

Captain Marsades and his men are here and take whatever the bloody hell they wunt wit no mercy! Marcello and I began to race to the ship in panic,I grabbed a swashbuckler and tightened it by my side  from a corpse on my way.We man on board and only a few and and two women made it back,surprisingly enough Hensworth was already on board and was just about to set sail; The entire village was in chaos and Jazzmen was nowhere to be found, The ship lifted anchor and he left the islands as we drifted away; from a distance we could see men and women scattering and screaming I was actually grateful to be aboard again.The ship was busy again and Hensworth seemed to have sobered up gave the command, we are headed East ,all men prepare the sails on starboard bow, He yelled. By  this time it was evening and I was beginning to become hungry.


This little mermaid part 5

inspired by Disney

By Lakira Mitchum

I witnessed the two men argue and it began  worsen when Eric pulled out his gun and shot his contender in the face.The noise of the pistol echoed  across the pier I saw a blast of blood splat onto the ground as the bullet pierced the sailors head. In shock I swam back towards the mainland in haste, and ran onto the shore to find Captain Hemsworth who happens to be sloppy drunk, and he seemed as though he wasn’t able to compose himself very well. He had two women by his side it seemed he had gone lost his integrity in some way, I saw him a new light But, I still cared for him as an strange acquaintance I realized my perception of sailors was a bit obscured my father was way off. Still wearing my dress,I realized the air was getting cooler So I decided to get James’s attention At Least he wasn’t too drunk to notice my timid voice “pardon me,Mr Hensworth!” I called, Startled he turned around with a clumsy smile and said, OH there you are my dear, these are my new wife’s May May and  Queeeennnn Elizzziiibessshhhshhhhh are’nt they lovely?”They were both pretty yet, round and plump women they both seemed as though they haven’t bathed in days and they were very giddy and hungry looking I assumed they really were sailing with us tomorrow at dawn. Oh, ummm errr yeah they seem cute I guess, captain I was wondering have you’ve seen Marcello? I asked, Uhhh I believe he is gambling at the pub, I’m heading there would like to join us? “Uhh sure.” We made our into the village it was buzzing with atmosphere and it rinked of human regrets and rum, there was loud laughter and music playing from the pubs.

When I entered the room I saw marcello, laughing and talking with his friend, I was astounded to see the elegant lighting fixtures and the extravagantly done renaissance paintings on the wall they were paintings of Angels and demons fighting one another, if I remembered well it seemed as though this pub used to be a old chapel.

As I began to walk towards  Marcello I began to recall that gunshot I heard earlier and I began to picture Eric screaming in my head, I wasn’t sure if this was something humans did often, I have never witnessed him so angry so reckless, maybe I’m better off being amongst my own kind; I then knew no one should ever trust Eric.He seemed villainous especially with the fact that he left me for a man eating sea witch.I hated Eric I knew I couldn’t entirely trust humans.Why did like in the first place? Well either way this went I had the desire to learn about humans.

When I was finally reunited with Marcello, He greeted me with a smile “hello beautiful” he then frowned, he could tell I was thinking about something, You seem upset what’s bothering you? I saw something I can not unsee, are you friends with Eric of the Netherlands? “No, Not really he’s a creepy man, why”? “Well I was once married to him and he was once very obsessed with me and attempted to sell me to a strange man named Barnabas. His sale failed and he  was suddenly cursed by my cousin Ursula she made him fall in love with him instead ,she was a sea witch that was very jealous of me and she eats men.” as I told my story Marcello grew very concerned it seemed I stroke a nerve.”He stood up with a unnerving glare and said in my ear we should talk about this in private.







This Little Mermaid Part 4

Lakira Mitchum

March 12 2016


What is your name, he asked in a calm tone, not noticing the captain; who was frozen in his steps glaring at us, I winced, then smiled my name is, Ariel but, my mother named me “Lakira Calypso meaning “the lady,” Goddess of the sea”  “well “the gentleman  sighed, and stepped back from me and said, my lady, It has been a pleasure becoming acquainted with you my uhghhhh name iz ughh Marcello de Nero or but uhhgh my MaMa  calls me Sebastian He blushed; then he looked up to notice a terrible sight of the Captain and  grimaced at the look of him, he looked like a man  from hell. “what in God’s name are you doing with that Mermaid!” “UHHHHGHHH” Marcello replied,wow you look like uhhhghhh hideous pazzo, that no looks, good on you,  We both froze in place,He was tired and covered in blood,his hair was a mess and his eyes were blazing with adrenaline .”We just killed a bloody giant squid and, your busy flirting and, batting your God forsaken eyes at  a mermaid, You only had Job, one f&*@%ing  jub  one Marcello, and you blew it!”

“What?!,  what are you talking abou?, you smell like a brothel, and ,and you come uhhh  yelling like a crazy girl on her monthly,” he, sassed back at the captain.Marcello seemed relaxed and not intimidated at all by him, I realized he seemed accustomed to all the male commotion, Which startled me a little bit but, it excited me. Marcello gave a me a quick wink, and he awkwardly  left the room with a smile.The captain spat on the floor with a big huff and looked up at me with impatient eyes “are you hungry” ?he asked, with a stern grin resting his hands on my shoulders, “ummm, I could eat I assume. ” I said. “Well, you look swell in that robe madam mademoiselle but, we have to get things going My men need rest and so do you, we are  suppose to be  landing on the Adoniss portlandian islands, the most greatest home for trade booze and the fattest maidens a man could ask for, and damn can they sing!” I then, realized he was really a bit unorthodox and ,he had a strange lazy eye that scared me a little it actually caused me to twitch.He then guided me to the mess hall it was noisy and, unkempt there were three women, that noticed my presence and it seemed they knew I was not human, they gave me a ghastly stare, I could tell both women were absolutely vexed for even seeing me except one and from  the looks of her, she seemed to be a bride, she was clean,pretty with a button nose  and blue eyes she had dark hair and resembled Marcello,I assumed she was his daughter. The captain grasped my attention and, handed me a bowl of turkey soup on a platter with a small loaf of bread and implied that I should sit wherever I liked, So I sat where I believed was convenient  only to notice two men sitting across from me and one happened to be Eric. Looking closely he seemed a bit rough and the man he was talking to was missing most of his teeth,he exclaimed ”I Hate Bloody Mermaids and children and those Goddamn kids always steal my money, and you know , they  have  those tiny fingurs they smell smell like a fish parlor!,” Eric, gave a very condescending and  loud laugh  “ oh boy, well that’s a laugh me boy oh I hate mermaids as well,I once married a mermaid and she divorced me and for the sickening old sea, but can you blame hur?, I’m married to the sea as well.” he acted as if he didn’t see  me and sipped his beverage as I ate my supper in silence feeling unwelcome yet amused.When I finally finished my supper, Eric and his mate were both drunk they began to gamble at a game of spades, it seemed only a few men were left all the women were cleaning and socializing in the mess. I walked outside on to the deck: I could feel that the Rakkus was still alive somewhere with his Ursela  she was  still angry I could her bellowing cries from the Atlantic coast that she was coming with a wrath I have never felt before. looking up at the moon, I could tell tonight would be a long evening, “you seem troubled what’s on your mind?” he puts a soft  blanket  on my shoulders and leans besides me, along the rail of the ship.”The ol sea she cries in pain of a broken heart, whatz ur worries? I may have once loved Ursula but, I will always love you.,” he said after biting into an red apple, I stood there in silence still staring at mother luna only desiring peaceful thoughts. then Eric continued, “I always hated you Ariel, because, I could not stop thinking about you and that voice you have it sent me spinning in circles, so I became a sailor and left my father’s house, now I rape mermaids and kill men, I am a jolly sailor boy I’m really here looking for Ursula she took my son Renard and never returned.” I was still silent, Eric left me and wept, Marcello walked up to and tapped my shoulder You should get some rest the captain will be resting with his maidens in her bedroom, so you are welcome to sleep in his quarters tonight. There were two beds , one seemed large and the other was about half of that size, so I undressed myself and a the young bride walked in “oh  good evening, you must be the mermaid my father told me about, Oh my you have very pretty scales, where are you from?” “ I’m from the Caribbean seas I grew up as a nomad.


To be continued:


“Well it is a pleasure to meet you my name is, Jazzmin Simone Anlanka I’m from Italy and I am  homesick, I came aboard the black maiden, with my husband Mark he is a fishermen for Sir Hensworth.” we sat in silence and before I could think of what to say she fell asleep. I laid in bed awake staring at the ceiling the linens smelled like old lavender perfume, It reminded me of Eric’s nonsensical mother and her obsessions with fragrances that once irritated my nose. I attempted to close my eyes but I could not stop thinking about Poseidon and my sisters, they were always going to remain in my thoughts, for once I actually felt comfortable I began to doze off into slumber.The next morning I woke up to boisterous noises from the deck I looked and discovered Jazzmen was still asleep and her husband was just getting up and putting on his trousers  for work,

“Were approaching land “ yelled, a mate near by “ahoy we’ve hit land get outcha yer briches we’ve made it to the coast” I slipped my dress on and brushed my hair with my fingers and made my to the deck, men were unloading supplies, captain Hensworth patted my shoulder and said “good morning!” “you seem well kept, I’m going to sell cannabis on these islands I don’t plan on setting sail until tomorrow at dawn so why don’t you find yourself some mischief to conjure up while we’re here,”  with a gaze of stupor he continues, oh lookie at that fatty over there she’s a beauty” he’s whistle’s at a chubby woman near the pier  and skips away with glee.I noticed Marcello,was working his way towards me,with a bright smile he nodded, and said to me good morning, sinora you look beautiful today would you like to have breakfast with me on the island I know a great spot we can go to be alone. I felt giddy,and quickly replied I would be delighted to; he took me by the hand and gently kissed it and guided off the ship into the market,I could not keep myself from smiling because I began to feel as if he was all I wanted. the streets were bustling with people and music all speaking many languages the buildings were  vibrant with color it was nice and  bright outside .He begins to purchase some food  and he then me leads to  an isolated area near an oasis, after hiking for about a mile we stumbled upon an abandoned house it was blue with violet railings,Come on Sinora!, he said he kicked the door open and  began to kiss me with passion, closing the door behind him,We mussled our way to the bedroom to find a worn down bed and I felt myself quiver when he sat me down and whispered in my ear “I adore you,” he looked me in the eyes and said, let’s be together will you marry me Calypso?” yes I replied, at this point I was naked,He took me and made love to me and it was like nothing I felt before. I woke up to the smell of smoked lamb I had a  feeling that was  blissful and lovely ,the way  he made me feel I could not help but, to smile just thinking about him.He reentered the room and sat on the bed and kissed my shoulder, and muttered I finished breakfast you should come eat. I sat up and kissed him. We spent the the rest of the day together after breakfast. We left the house in the early middle of the day

we returned to the village but ,I felt a strange insecurity I began to hear Eric’s voice in my head he seemed angry, he was plotting to kill someone.  


To be continued:


This little mermaid part 3


He offered me his coat, and with a timid haste I quickly slipped it on,he was preparing to interrogate me , he took out his journal and fathered pen and began to question me. “Where are you from?” and “why are you not traveling with the other mermaids?”  it seems as though he was an british traveler or pirate of some sort; I recall my father warning me about sailors he often told me to not  engage with them but, I was rebellious and curious and so was Captain Smith with a quiet mumble  I replied to him,”they are away with Calypso, they travel as the moon changes they followed the north star  to join master poseidon but I was not  interested in their travels.” “Yes, dear” he said “but, where are you from?” “Atlantis” I retorted to him.” sit down dear, what is your name?” “Ariel,” I said, as I carefully kneeled on the hard wooden floor. He spent several minutes writing it seemed as if he was a man of science and art, he had many strange relics in his captain’s quarters that intrigued me.I sat in silence and allowed my mind to wander, until suddenly, the ship began to rock vigorously;the Captain stood and quickly paced his way out the door to the deck where it seems men are arranging themselves into their positions to fire the cannon, “We hav a have bloody giant squid on starboar bow” yelled, a sailor from outside. I struggled to get on my feet, and with a sudden burst through the door, a rough looking fellow with dark hair walked into the room, he was sweaty and moist from the air outside, it seemed he was distraught at how nimble I was, so he implied to give me his hand; with a smile “pardon me, Eeeuhh are you alright signora are e ‘ sembra essere freddo,are you alright?” He picked me up and gently placed me in a chair,” “would you ahh like a dress to wear” “yes” “si” “non”? His smell was a light sweet musk with a hint of  fragrance I was unfamiliar with, he seemed to be concerned about my safety.”I glanced in his eyes they were blue and as deep as the sea’s beauty I had  to believe he was an angel.”I replied to him yes, please,”He made his way throughout the cabin, just barely keeping his balance  throughout  the room, until he reached the wardrobe and chose a robe in the shade of cerulean it was, hemmed with a violet ribbon on its backside.He handed me the dress with a smile, and said “sei adorabile, You must be the mermaid the captino è pazzo di te, crazy you know , you know crazy about fish girls,”. His enthusiasm excited me and his smile aroused me.I was still shivering when he walked towards me and, began to help me put on the dress; from behind me, in a calming yet  sensually way he slowly hoisted the garment up my body, I could sense that he was observing my courbes with his eyes and masculine body,he lightly began kiss my shoulder and caressed me for a while. He was different from Eric, he was charming yet intimidating. In an instant  I felt warmer and, for the first time I actually felt lovely and he was the reason why.When the ship stopped rocking and the chaos began to settle, the Captain returned to his quarters only to find me bonding with one of his men.


This little Mermaid part 2

Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

by;Lakira Mitchum

First person narrative


I was weak and drifting in the dark depths of the sea until still struggling in the creature’s grip, at this point my tail is losing blood and my eyes are were beginning to grow tired,The Rakkaus began to swim to the surface dragging me with her, in one of  her tentacles, in a faint  second I began to hear men’s  cacophony, although I thought I was dead,i was merely unconscious  I felt that there was a battle  between my capture and prince Eric’s fleet .They were trying to kill the Rakkaus with these deadly sharp objects they called harpoons. The battle was so intense she eventually lost grip of me,I believe she was more injured than I was,and I heard a large plunge  when I saw a strange manlike figure swimming towards me, I felt him catch me before I fell any further into the depths sea,  

I slowly began to wake up but, my tail and my body was still in malaise, I knew it was him holding my torso taking me somewhere I have never been before.I woke up, to the dexterous movement of men on the ship only to find myself in a glass case filled with water,It seemed as though I was in the captain’s quarters but, it was hard to tell in the glass box, the refraction of the light puzzled me. My vision was little blurred;I heard voices around me and I didn’t know what to expect but I was in complete fascination as well as perplexed with my new environment I could feel the Goddess healing me, and my discomforts began to fade away, when heard the familiar voice of prince Eric.I am not sure if I was excited to hear him or, desensitized of his presence my infatuation with him was very complex because of his crude tone.

I went  into a soft slumber in hopes that I may have found a safe dwelling place amongst these sailors.The night turned into morning and I was abruptly peeled out of my glass case,only to be observed by ugly perverted , and curious men.They opened my case and poked tail my with some sort of tiny sharp object to harvested my blood; with fascination it seemed they were studying it. Two men took me from my water case little did they know my fin tail would transform into human like legs with scales that glistened in the morning light.In awe one of the two men carried me to the quarters of the Captain  James Shalom Hensworth, he was tall and handsome with a very pointy nose and he had a darling way of speaking to me,with a smile and a nod he greeted me and he expressed that,  he was amazed of my presence and demanded the sailors to put, me down to stand.Naked and afraid I shivered as I gazed at his  hazel eyes he was man of power, I could tell he was a lover of the Goddess by his strange and mysterious persona.

This Little mermaid

Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

by;Lakira Mitchum

First person narrative



Rewrite of Disney’s The little mermaid

Lakira Mitchum

first person narrative


The salty big blue dwelling place  of poseidon; his sanctuary; he enslaved me here, and endowed me to lesser meaning and purpose of my own integrity. I am a slave of my father’s home, he named me Ariel, where I befriended a crab and a fish,I never felt at home in my own home, I am a black sheep, a lost soul ,a broken heart. The littlest mermaid, the least likeable one. I used my green tail to help sailors notice me in the blackest winter night.

I wanted to touch someone’s soul but instead, I sung songs to myself, I’m a sunken ship, a siren, the sailors ruin.I swim from island to island searching for  Eric, where is he? I wanted to be one of them, a human  I wanted to be apart of something,I wanted to empty out this irrational put down my father often gave me. My father often told my sister she was his only child, my father never wanted me, he sold me  into slavery, so I swam around in this  contaminated sea with sea urchins and disastrous chemicals clogging my eyes.  

My story is filled with fascinated exploration and admiration  for something more

I wanted love, I wanted someone  to value me and everything I thought and felt, someone to hold me. I told stories too the fishes and the cold seals on the beach, and held my breath to see the sunlight glisten on my skin and scales.


When the moon was full, and the night was as black as the soul of Ursula I saw him,

he noticed me, it was Eric he came back for me, I thanked the goddess for him, he was as beautiful as I had hoped.I know I didn’t have to ask my family for acceptance anymore, I gave up on that dream and created a new one , I desired the affection of prince Eric.


To be Continued:


January 30th 2016


The sea was a cold and vast place,and the prince seemed as if he was exhausted from his travels  and I believe I could not wait for him any longer,in the evening the sailors  cast their nets and I  decided watch from a distance,the weather was unbearably cold. I thought Prince Eric was worth my pursuit and I contemplated revealing myself to him once more, but I didn’t know how. As I swam towards His ship I could sense an eerie presence of  Martyrdom  that twisted and soiled my very being, I realized something grabbed my tail and with sudden speed began to drag down into the deepest depths of the sea. I struggled to make my escape from the unknown beast as it strangled me in it’s grip. That beast was called Rakkaus and it was massive in size and had very large teeth it was very well know for eating mermaids,It was a such a hindrance a challenge,I lost all of my strength I could barely hang on,In a matter of seconds I saw My blood disburse around me and I was coiled into my own death. Everything was dark again.