I am A Christian pagan that loves to write,I grew up christian and I have been on a spiritual journey ever since. I attended Gainesville High school as an English honors student and I did always appreciate literature and writing but, by the time I was a freshmen in college I fell in love with my own style of writing I discovered it seems a bit sporadic with my thoughts buzzing around like a  crazy bee but, I managed to work with it.I love nature and I  enjoy loving  people,I am hoping to reach to the entire world more and more each day.

I enjoy seeking new ways to get my views out there, I actually waited until I had at least 30 views to edit my about page I had no clue anyone had interest in my work.

Writing is a fun, and powerful way to get our hearts and voices out there  to the public.Be inspried.

Thank you so much for reading my work it means alot!


Much love,

Lakira  Sharice Mitchum,


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