Back to Story writing.

So I’m taking the liberty of writing about Vampires for the next few weeks, I may actually continue that Mermaid piece I was working on. until then I’ll be writing about celebrities as well.

writings to come:

Stories and Articles to come:


  • Pulchritudinous:My new Vampire series
  • Ben Stiller and his confidence chair:
  • Chris Hemsworth: Male sexulization
  • Ben Affleck: remaining Humble
  • Hunchback and NotreDame :told in first person: Girl with Raven Hair
  • All the things that Bother Seth Rogen
  • G.Easy’s struggle with contentment and acceptance:Gerald Earl Gillum
  • Birdy’s strength through Depression
  • More human rights writings
  • and many other to come!If You Don’t know,What I’m About.

Keep it peachy, and happy readings!

The love life of: Tom Hiddleson      It’s Been Rough:Robert Downey Jr.

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