Leviticus Moses’s account

Stories of the tabernacle :

By, Moses

scribed by Lakira Mitchum and Jesus Christ ūüėÄ

It took a series of a few months to perfect the tabernacle, Aarons and I had complications correcting the construction; and it took us time find a decent market to purchase and to hire artists that could create the elements.We chopped down many trees and collected men to work and the israelites; at the time the israelites did not want to help much at all; But, the ones that did help and became known as  the levites (new jews) they were pretty wholesome individuals that liked following rules . I personally chose them for many tasks.

I eventually realized there were  women that did help build the tabernacle but, they were not allowed to present sacrifices once it was finished. men that were unclean men could not  participate in theses rituals as priest. There was only one woman that entered the tabernacle and that was Ziporah(my wife). She looked similar to a cave woman when I met her. She secretly went inside and it was rumored she was possessed with the spirit of the Goddess; Then She became healed from all of her vaginal scars and sores on her skin. She said, she did not remember what happened but, she was made anew,she looked very different. She was the only woman that ever entered the temple and she did not remember what it looked liked on the inside. My wife and I  from that day forward have a better sex life.After that God told me about his wife and how we should not be arrogant as men because, of our roles as priest so as a command from Yahweh as a sacrifice to his wife we had us offer a Flower arrangement  to his bride and we placed them on a gold tray beside his animal sacrifices  and made sure they never touched.The items did occasionally disappear from the  golden tray ( an Angel did retrieve it for her)


  • The flowers had to be alive
  • There must be no unclean thing upon them
  • Flower pickers had to be children (not adults.)
  • Had to be presented on the gold tray of the bride and given ¬†and put into the tabernacle by a genuine man. (lover of Goddess) respectful towards women
  • If there were no flowers, any of nature like stones, diamonds,gems, emeralds, sea shells(exceptional) gold silver.
  • Nothing from an animals
  • The tray was place in front the Ark of the covenant