My fascination with Gerald.G(G-Eazy)



By,Lakira Mitchum

Musical influence

The wonderful thoughts going through my mind of other people, I can be captivated by many things but, I can become too impressed with other peoples lives.I can honestly say I am persistent in hoping for all things good for man kind,my specific opinion on this man has been a tiny speculation in my mind (Gerald Gillum) “how crazy it is we forget how much music affects us everyday”.My only desire is that music will take a lift and will eventually evolve into something more like story telling again instead of twerk music.I love music, I love hip-hop but not all hip hop can always lift my soul.I believe G-Eazy is a intelligent individual  but, I think he can be capable of aiming at an audience that is more broader,as In those that are soul searching, or just looking for a lullaby of peace. Something in my mind makes me believe he can be more peaceful than he seems.he has a painful story to tell, he seems broken of course but although in some way content.I want to know his journey in his lyrics, and he seems to be pretty unique for an Caucasian hip hop artist although he seems; he lacks popularity in the black community , their are other white rappers like Macklemore and, Enimem but, I love him  particularly because he chose a style in another time period and stuck with it for so far in his career . I hope he does not change too much but, just enough to say he has learned a lot in life while on his travels and as he gets older.He’s a modern greaser, or a old school,new school punk which I find to be exotic and new  to bring in hip hop, he’s sexy yet smooth idea of simplicity is exactly what brings me to notice him as a artist.I for a fact know Gerald is an trend setter and maybe as the we all  youth don’t really appreciate it but,he is rubbing off on me. Maybe I’m a bit of an optimists about music what I want to hear and see from talented musicians can only happen if you criticize them by word of mouth.61a32c142a3788a78a5e25bd1169e5ac

Overall my own interest in music usually has something to with my desire that musicians will realize if they talk about social issues; controversy that they could change the very way we think in the world music has such a powerful image on what we call our pursuit for an common intellect. we all want to be understood, we all want to be heard, But I think Gerald should rap more about his mother, his brother, his hometown, his life as a man from California.The things he has seen in life that he thinks is wrong, or good about life,he dresses like he from the sixties but does not rap like he is from the sixties as much as I wish he could,he is an romanticist I know, and maybe his peers don’t expect him to  pursue becoming  a opinionated lyricists due to his choice of genre, age of audience and sexual content in his music,but I think he is fully capable of it,I want give him a bit of a “umph” a  critical push
for now let’s just see how things go.

What Gerald’s Eyes told me (G-easy)

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