Tick Tock Goes The Croc:Peter Pan Poem

Tick Tock goes the Croc

A poem inspired by Peter Pan

By,Lakira Mitchum


Tick tock, he said, and my heart raced to know his name again.

The seven seas could not compare to how big my love was for him.

And what if that croc, the one that bleeds really ate the man I loved.

He went to sea with Mr.Snead to find ,my child, my son,

The maiden heart it beats with loud a thud, tick tock like the killer croc.


My beloved child died in his sleep, and latter arrived letter from a boy  

That looked sweet, it said my lover was dead, he died at sea,

And his ghost With Mr.Snead were forever looking for him.

His name was peter, They often played

Pirates and pretended to be at sea.

And tick tock went the clock that broke my heart that

Sunday morning.

Tick tock said, the killer croc, that ate my very heart.

Tick tock, the ladies mocked

I was a widow again in the dawning day.


Tick Tock went the clock on my wedding

day , The new groom held my hand and

I began to sway. Peter never died

Neither did paul, they just flew to

nether land and decided to stay.

And as the Tick tock grew and grew my heart did to.


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