The purest of heart(observing human rights)



Article 1:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”December 1948-United Nations General Assembly

The purest of hearts

By, Lakira Mitchum

Oh ,the beautiful things made from dust,the cognizant humanity, the tender hearts we call the living children of mother earth, who said we needed rights to live? In a world where money dictates what it means to be born and be alive, who established what color my blood was from birth,who told me I could not live because of my race, or skin color. Man wanted to be God so they told us we needed rights to live peacefully.Why is it as humans we have to be reminded we are humans we were meant to have a pursuit of happiness and well being since the beginning of time. Such things were observed because we are really homesick, the beings of earth has forgotten the very sanity of life.It’s common sense to not bring disaster to our common folk or karma will affect us, disturbia is become their next door neighbor. We forgot we were created with the purest of hearts, we were born to love, but we forget what the mother has taught us.

The cities have become home to crooks and murderers and we wonder at night if we will wake to see the next day,it’s almost as if we destroyed our own conscious.We were meant to do good but we also choose to sin. No religion should have to remind a babe to love it’s mother or friend, love comes natural, to those acknowledge it.Mankind is in constant dormancy we must re enlightened ourselves to remember we were once citizens of Heaven.Even the purest of heart maybe brave enough to fight for what is truth “ we are all from the same universe, the same God we all eats from the same root and drink of the same waters.” communism or capitalism, democrat or republican we must remember we all must live in harmony in some way on this earth.


The purest of hearts is the bravest of souls

Is the safest to trust,the loveliest ones

are the ones that remember to love

The rich and the poor,the black and the white.


THe purest of heart does not envy or boast

They keep a sound mind and seek more wisdom.

And purest heart doesn’t charm everyone they see

They love with genuine heart and captivate

every moment worth living.


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