The Unknown Necessity:

Love became eternal when we saw the necessity:

by,Lakira Mitchum

He was standing there in the rain starring at her, and there she was with intentions of saving his soul, with some intention of helping him quit.He was in delirium a strange serge of endless hopeless thoughts wondered across his mind, he’s thinking that he never needed love but, he wanted to love her more and, he wanted to love her mother more. His soul was stagnate.He just stood their helpless,he had no job, he had no home, he had nothing but all she wanted was him, she loved him.His hands were rough and dirty, and his teeth were rotting and stained.

when He  finally dropped his pipe on the ground he felt some comfort in knowing;  his thoughts were really just that her arms were his home.Maybe he gave up on himself ten years ago, or eight weeks ago after she said, she was in labor, he made sure he at least stayed alive even with heroine in his veins. He was tired of his own broken heart, his own broken phenomenon,he knew she forgot about what he did yesterday.He cried while she stood their smiling “Daddy it’s me, Carla” she said with warm eyes overflowing with hope, she saw Ohanna in his destiny,but he saw an overdose in his past and cried because he never forgot he was once less than zero. She was the one thing that made him realize he needed to live, she needed him.A fathers love, a man’s own exuberant  passage to self discovery can sometimes be found in the tiny palms of an infant’s hand and a woman’s touch can enlighten the eccentric passionate feelings that something the world, can’t understand. Love can easily become a God to us, and that unknown necessity that kept the last pill from his mouth, that last prostitute from his bed.He somehow felt the need to protect himself only because of this little girl and her brilliant mother.A woman’s persistence, a lover’s predilection, a desire so strong, he seemed to have forgotten he was still standing in the streets of Seattle in the pouring rain by a bus station. “Hosanna save me” he mumbled, to himself before he finally broke his stare,Carla was patient and ran to him with open arms.He maybe homeless but, he is and was exactly what she needed to let her know she was not born in vain, he was and is that last twinkle of home  and hope in her little eyes at the young age of four.

Hope can be found in humanity if we just learn to love first.

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