The writings of Dimacus:Angel Journals

The chaos of Wichita

Journals Entries part 3

The journal Of Dimacus the Sword and Arch Angel:

By,Lakira Mitchum

My breath stinks, and all I could think about was making it home to my family, I was a miserable poor sap that was completely misunderstood by my loved ones. They thought that I actually enjoyed fighting,realistically I hated it, it was fun at times I made many jokes but,often times it was tiring, and my father was never tired, there were times he fought all by himself, my father would kill over ten thousand demons within seven bell hours, all by himself at times; and on his sabbath he would wish us luck and go make love to his wife and rest.My father was never afraid to smell bad, and he was always our to rescue us in hard times.At this time he was creating strories for the children of Adam and Eve, We were fighting the ancestors and abominations of dinosours and demons, the degusting mothers of serpents.I personally have nothing against serpents but these bastards are just nasty, they walked around like humans but they had nasty mannerisms about themselvs. I often fought with one sword and elements, I wrote songs that brainwashed my enemies so they would go into slumber.My armor weight about two tons in human metrics weight all together. each part was very heavy,(I hate math) but, I know it was the exact weight i needed to be and could carry at the time, It took at least 8’000 blows to the chest to penetrate my armor on a good day.

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