Joseph’s Account:Jesus’s father

My crazy wife Mary ,my family

part 1


by Lakira Sharice

She was a happy woman with many personalities, She often made Jesus laugh and his brothers well they just thought she was crazy,she was capable of almost anything she even made strange animals appear to give us gifts and sacrifice their own flesh for our suppers.

my wife was very exotic and made up games like “walking on fire and, who can eat the fastest without chocking” It seemed as though one of them always chocked! Mary was Jesus’s best friends she always told him fun stories about Delivery messengers named Gabriel, that often enjoyed eating peaches and kissing girls.I personally never thought I would Mary her, she was beautiful smart and she secretly knew how to read, that’s the only reason she knew about the prophecy of the messiah.She was a great wife and a even better cook.Jesus was a tough child to raise, he often made fun of the neighbors and told them they were selfish and petty; I did not pay attention to them at all, People think that Jesus was a sweet ball of sunshine, he was about as stubborn rude, and straight forward as an old man, we use to fight like cats and dogs over things like watching the sheep, and eating the last piece of food.Overall I have to say I did enjoy fathering the messiah and I do not ever wish to do it again if I could.


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