Childhood: Love of the Goddess


Motherhood:love of the Goddess



By, Lakira Mitchum


Her childhood is what you make it to be,

His smile makes your heart happy

You usually have no idea why.


A childhood is a garden,

a flower that must be nourished.

When his seed is planted into the mother earth

She is blessed to see the hearts bloom.


A happy child is a happy future

A lovely child is a wonderful past

Those memories are timeless.

Our worries often make us forget

How wonderful a child’s laughter can

Sooth any painful disaster.


We make their lives worthwhile

While their existence,was all the blessings we asked for.


Mother Earth loves the innocent

The  gentle and brave yet strong.

Children can bring

Hope and blissfulness

Beyond their understanding.


Childhood is a gift

And it is a precious

part of the human soul.

It makes up who they are.

To a child Love has

a deeper meaning.


Everything matters to them

Every story, every feeling

Every thought, from their first cry to

Their final breath it all matters.

Touch can affect the most fragile flower

And wisdom will help them win the

Hardest battles.

Childhood says everything is new

Everything is special.

Every broken bone and lost tooth

Is only a, battle scar of growing up.


We are what makes the childhood.


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