Becoming a Gamer ??? Goodbye love

Hello, new religion, Wicca

Hello November,Goodbye old romance


BY,Lakira Mitchum

Becoming a Gamer ?  is making this of sort decision is for the misfits?I must say I’m a female looser, I’m often ignored,  and I gain and loose peers fairly often as the typical adult trying to seek acceptance and success so in the meantime… becoming a gamer a acceptable task,no, maybe not?becoming a wittier just seems better for me, I love writing more than seeking online competitive challenges, chatting with strangers about anime and stereotypical television forums that may not motivate me to look at reality anymore.I don’t cry about being ignored anymore I think rejection is good for me sometimes, in the past I have met very selfish gamers who only befriend others based on their Gaming capability and ownership of technology .Nerds, geeks and dweebs are actually not genuine to me, I want a relationship with the world than a video game or T.V show, graphic novel could never bring I actually want to love humanity and be active in real life.I’m not confessing that I will never be a gamer but, I’m hoping that by becoming a gamer I will see a different perspective of life and actually help myself find hope,I doubt I can though.If I ever choose the path of Video games I would probably see them as art, and not as a way of life like others do, I was always fascinated by games theories like Bioshock and ,farcry and  but the actually concept of befriending games is beyond me. I love the stories of video games and I actually could care less about competition so hopefully this new focus on digital art will send me places, but really my desire in having friendships, and or romances with gamer geeks atheist, and geniuses sectarians,xenophobic unrealistic close minded immature,argumentative,disrespectful, God hating  people that worship cartoons and trading card games  is my last expectation, I dislike them all, they actually could the worst criminals on earth but,  that is a judgement that takes a physiological study to figure out.   Sadly, a you tuber guy,  and my high school life, and my past acquaintances and experience with racist white kids made me realize I should never love nerds or geeks, but I should  actually value life and really hope that developers use media to  better society.I have a Nephew that only ten years old, and because of video games he use to tell his sister “he would kill her” let me just be honest I hate nerds they influence children to be evil and even cartoons  the teach kids to be perverted, rebellious, rude, unhappy and ridiculously unmoral and dishonest.I want to see video games  in a positive light but, my life, and my the things I see only show me that they turn people into psychopaths, that would kill someone over a toy, or a stupid fan fiction. I admit I use to be a nerd or geek or what ever you call it but, the evil shit they entertain themselves to disturbs me, like my little pony characters killing one another they laugh at that sick shit, “sick fucks!” ,or, adult men watching pre-school television, it just spells pedophile to me.I am realizing the  media world or entertainment industry  is supporting the thoughts of terrorist, tyrants, murderers, psychopaths,stalkers, pedophiles, thieves, rapists,and human trafficking,suicidal maniacs and much more, really I hate it all….I just wish I never met those people,I wish I never attended that conventions or dated those guys.Overall With much enthusiasm I can say I become a gamer.. so God help me..I’ll do it for myself..and really to judge what I just played and what it taught me, and try to be a good person while I doing it. I want to just love life… I don’t want to love life and myself first.

So Goodbye, old lovers ,hello November,


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