Airborne(poem inspired by Disney)



Written By Lakira Mitchum


He believed in something, he saw innovation

He saw the future.

He saw many men fail, many women fall.

“It all started with a mouse,he said”

But really it all started with tears,

Blood and sweat, trial and folly

Courage was his weapon for every proposal

He could relate to Biggie smalls.


Even a  mouse had to hussle,

Even the king of magic kingdom

Tore up his dreams sometimes.

He saw many planes crashes,

he lost many friends, life didn’t come easy

But he became airborne.

He told us to wish upon a star,

He had the charm to inspire us all

As children.


And his ideas began in a corn field,

On the back of a wagon,

In a outhouse, he was airborne

When no one  believed in him.

That little mouse

That humble nimble squeaky little

Creature, that was often underestimated

Was a hero, a artist, a king.

“And it started with a mouse.”


inspried , by Walt Disney

and Roy Disney


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